Finding a Venue for Your Company Award Ceremony

Finding a venue for your company award ceremony requires more thought than if you were just planning to offer travel and leisure promotional products, but will get a much greater response. This should be an area that lets your staff know how valued they are and how you appreciate their work, but doesn't break the bank. If you are looking for the first time, then you may need to have a count on how many people are coming and whether that is going to include dinner. This detail is important because it will help you decide what the layout of that location should be and what that will mean for everyone there. Of course, when the awards are presented, you want the main focus to be on the recipients. So, the venue should allow for everyone to enjoy their dinner and yet be involved with the awards at the same time.

Type of Room Atmosphere

A large room works well but you also want it to be a family-type atmosphere, even if that is a large work family. For example, using a gymnasium might be cost efficient but a banquet room will give off the right vibe. They will also see that the company cared enough to make sure everything looked nice and welcoming. Usually, the restaurants that have banquet rooms have corporate rates that will help you save on that budget as well. If you let them know this is a regular annual event, they may be willing to give you a price break so you're willing to consider them the next year as well.

To find the most reliable restaurant with the best service, you can always look through customer service reports that have been posted online. These are helpful because you'll get straight up honest testimonies of the kind of service that each one received. It might be the difference between food, service, location and how easy it is to access. Making it convenient for the employees is also important so they don't have to spend a lot of money getting there.

Planning a Rental Budget

When you're setting up a budget for this type of rental, you might want to find out what is included as well. Are they going to provide cleanup services or is this something your janitorial team will need to take care of? Do you have a parking limit? Do you have a set time you need to be out by or is the location yours for the entire evening? All of these details are important because there is a potential for the charges to be increased. If you end up going over budget, then you may have to spend less on food or other additional costs. At this point, the style of awards that you choose such as pins, money, trophies or any other recognition symbols will be based on how much you can afford to spend. Again, these should reflect their quality of work as well that is causing them to receive an award.

By taking the time to find the right place, your superiors will see your dedication and your willingness to go beyond what is required. It will also reflect well on you as the person who put this whole thing together. Those who are receiving the awards will recognize that it wasn't a hastily thrown together procedure and the company really did care to make the most of it. While you may see finding a venue for your company award ceremony as just another part of your job, but this can be a great way to show your planning skills to your managers or supervisors.

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