Using Company Logo Car Magnets

Company logo car magnets are fun, eye-catching promotional products that keep your brand name in the public eye. When you hand out company logo car magnets to your customers or potential customers, you know that your logo will make its way throughout the community. Car magnets are one of the most effective ways to inform the public of your products and services, because these products are displayed on a surface that's always on the move. Let your customers help you promote your small business with attractive, affordable auto magnets.

Colorful car magnets are easy to design and customize. You can choose from an almost unlimited variety of shapes, sizes and colors when you create your magnets. Add your company's name, logo, URL and a memorable graphic image that draws attention to the magnet. While you want the magnet to be large enough to draw attention and present legible text, your customers may not want to display a promotional product that takes up too much of their car's surface. Look for a magnet that's big enough to be noticed but not so large that it overwhelms a vehicle.

Applying Promotional Car Magnets

When you hand out promotional car magnets, it's helpful to include a note to your customers instructing them on the most effective way to use these devices. Company logo car magnets can be applied to the door, bumper, or other flat exterior surface on a vehicle, although the hood is not generally recommended. Unlike bumper stickers, which have an adhesive backing that makes removal difficult, car magnets can be easily removed when your customers want a change of pace or need to clean the vehicle.

Car magnets should be applied to a flat, smooth car surface that's clean and free of dust or wax. Apply the magnet in a single, smooth motion to keep air bubbles from forming between the magnet and the car's surface. Removing magnets regularly to clean the car's surface is recommended by some magnet manufacturers. The magnet itself can be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent to keep it looking bright and fresh.

In addition to encouraging customers to apply company logo car magnets to their vehicles, you can hand out magnets to your key partners and employees. In busy traffic, a car can literally become a marketing vehicle. No matter where your clients or employees go, other drivers, passengers and pedestrians will notice your company's name and logo. The more exposure your small business receives through company car magnets, the more value you'll get from this investment.

Distributing Company Logo Magnets

Company logo car magnets are easy to distribute at trade shows, conventions, conferences, company presentations and any other occasion where you're promoting your small business. You can also hand out magnets as part of a welcome basket to new employees or top clients. Include other auto accessories in your gift basket, such as a travel mug, a car sticky pad, an ice scraper, a glare shield or an auto emergency kit. If you own an automotive business, a travel agency or a repair shop, auto accessories are especially relevant to your line of work.

Using company logo car magnets is a great way to gain attention for your business in your community in a unique, memorable way. Colorful, clever car magnets may be as effective as billboards, but these promotional gifts cost considerably less money and don't consume a lot of public space or obstruct the view. Unlike billboards, company logo car magnets are mobile, so you can count on having your company's logo spread throughout your city.

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