Choosing an Award for a Top Earner in Your Company

The top earners in your business deserve recognition for their achievements, and an awards presentation is the perfect occasion to acknowledge these contributions. An award may be a formal, traditional means of recognition, such as a certificate or plaque, or a gift that reflects your top earner's tastes and interests. You can even present a certificate and a gift at the same time to applaud your employee's hard work.

The type of recognition you choose may also depend on the circumstances of the award. If your top earner is retiring, the award should acknowledge your employee's career history with the company as well as his or her more recent accomplishments. If your top earner is new to the company, design a top earner plaque or certificate that also welcomes your employee to the team. The award can be presented at a ceremony where all of your staff are present, or given to your top earner at a one-on-one meeting.

Traditional Awards

Trophies, plaques and certificates are traditional ways to award an employee for an outstanding performance. These recognition gifts can be customized with your company's name and logo, and you can compose unique text on logo notepads to suit the nature of the occasion. Add a personal touch to make the award memorable by including a reference to an exceptional sale or a specific marketing milestone. Letting your top owners know how much they're appreciated will encourage loyalty and let your employees know that they're valued.

Traditional recognition gifts are available in a wide range of styles and colors. A small, understated glass trophy with an elegant modern design can be engraved with your top earner's name, the date and a personalized note of thanks. A glass or bronze trophy can be proudly displayed on your employee's desk or at home, so that co-workers and family can appreciate the gift.

Whether you choose a sleek contemporary plaque, a traditional certificate with formal script or a desk trophy that showcases your top earner's performance, your employee will remember the gesture for years to come. Hang on to your top performers by demonstrating your appreciation with classic recognition gifts. These awards will create a positive impression of your company, which will help you attract and retain the best personnel in your field.

Creative Award Gifts

Instead of, or in addition to, a traditional acknowledgement, you can present your top earner with a customized gift that's useful and memorable. A personalized clock, calendar or other desk accessories can be displayed at the office or at home. A travel mug or bag imprinted with your top earner's name and a note of thanks will promote your company while accompanying your employee on the road.

If your top earner is a sports enthusiast, consider an award gift that represents his or her favorite game or recreational activity. An embroidered golf cap or gym bag, an imprinted sports bottle or an engraved pedometer can be presented to your top earner at the time you present the plaque or trophy. Creative, personalized recognition gifts can be functional, humorous or formal, depending on your employee's personality and the nature of the occasion.

As you're choosing an award for a top earner in your company, apply your imagination to make the award stand out. You don't have to spend a lot of money to buy a gift that surpasses the typical pre-printed certificates. Customizing the award will let your top earner know that you've noticed his or her specific accomplishments. Boost employee morale and increase loyalty by presenting creative, customized awards to your best performers.

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