The Power of Promotional Products

Promotional products are powerful tools for presenting your brand to current and potential clients. Even an apparently simple product, like a stress ball or a keychain, can attract attention and seal your company's name and logo in a future customer's memory. The key to maximizing the use of promotional products is to design a product that's useful and memorable. People of all ages generally love to receive free promotional items, and the longer your logo remains in their memories, the more effective your promotional efforts will be.

When you give out free promotional products, these items often circulate through your community. Potential customers will see your company's name and logo on promotional hats, travel mugs, automobile bumpers, pens or Tshirts. While they may not consciously acknowledge seeing your logo or recalling your name, these future clients are more likely to use your services or buy your products in the future if they've seen your name in the past. If you can create a good impression with your products, they'll remember you in a positive light.

Choices in Promotional Products

When it comes to choosing promotional products, like finding employee recognition programs, your options are virtually unlimited. Any accessory, tool, eating or drinking utensil, toy, article of clothing or cosmetic item you can think of can be personalized with your company's brand. When you choose an item that customers will associate with your product or service, you reinforce a customer's memory of your name and logo.

For instance, a doggie daycare center might hand out free frisbees for dogs, so that their owners would associate their name and brand with these colorful, fun toys. The frisbee demonstrates thoughtfulness, consideration and a sense of fun. A automotive repair center or towing company might hand out flashlight keychains, which customers can use to inspect their vehicles if they break down on the road at night. If the keychain also includes the towing company's phone number, a client is likely to contact that company if a breakdown occurs.

Promotional products offer an inexpensive way to make a powerful impression on a client. Choose an eye catching color, a humorous or inviting slogan and a striking graphic to create a logo that will remain at the forefront of your customers' thoughts. As they use your products in their homes, cars or workplaces, other future customers will remember your products and services, too.

Presenting Promotional Gifts

Any time you meet with potential clients, visit current customers or hold a company event, you can hand out promotional gifts to spread your logo and create a positive impression. Promotional products can be given out to your established employees as awards for a strong performance, or offered to new employees as part of a welcome basket. Trade shows, conferences and conventions give you the ideal opportunity to give away personalized desktop calenders, stress balls, tape measures or pedometers.

At company events, wearing promotional Tshirts, golfing caps, sweatshirts or visors lets the public know that you have a strong, supportive team. You'll convey your company's message more effectively if your employees wear your promotional shirts or hats to picnics, barbecues, car washes or charity walks. Wearing your promotional items in public also gets your logo out to the community, so that you can attract more customers and generate more business.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to benefit from the power of promotional products. Expensive gifts, like desk clocks or leather travel bags, can be an effective way to thank your top clients for their business. However, a simple, useful gift like a mug or keychain can be highly effective at promoting your business in the community.

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