Providing Company Towels to Clients for a Golf Outing

At a company golf outing, you and your clients have a chance to chat and exchange ideas in a casual recreational setting. Many profitable deals are made on the golf course, and valuable business alliances are formed. However, even if you do nothing more than enjoy a round of golf with your clients, you'll have the opportunity to get to know your customers away from the structured realm of the corporate world. Towels printed with your company's logo are good small promotional products, and are thoughtful promotional gifts that will serve as mementos of a relaxing, enjoyable day.

Choosing promotional gifts for company outings doesn't have to stressful, and the products you choose don't have to be expensive to make a positive impact on your clients. Sometimes it's the simplest, most useful products that leave a warm, lasting impression. Thoughtful, affordable gifts like company towels will linger in your clients' thoughts after the day is over.

Customized Company Towels

Before you set off on your golf outing, present your clients with a customized tote bag that includes company towels. Towels are an affordable, memorable way to promote your company and keep your name and logo in your clients' thoughts. Clients appreciate gifts that demonstrate that you're considering their needs before a meeting, conference or outing. When you present your clients with company towels, they'll now that you anticipated their needs.

Golf can be a sweaty game, especially if it's a brilliantly sunny day. Even if your walking the course at a relaxed pace, you'll start to perspire if you spend enough time in the sun. Towels are a great way to dry off throughout the game, so your clients won't feel awkward or uncomfortable during the day. Choose plush, high quality towels that feel as soft as they look, with your company name and logo embroidered in a contrasting color.

Although you can choose from a wide range of colors when you're selecting towels for a golf outing, white is always a popular choice. When you're hot and sweaty, nothing is more refreshing or inviting than a soft, clean white towel. After a long day on the course, your clients will take their towels home and remember your golf outing whenever they use these promotional products. Fresh, clean company towels are functional, memorable and attractive; in other words, they're the perfect gifts for your favorite clients and golfing partners.

Promotional Golf Accessories

As you prepare for a company golf outing with your clients, put together a tote bag filled with functional gifts and fun goodies that your clients will enjoy. Along with company towels, consider a golf visor, a set of golf tees or another promotional product that reminds your customers of their favorite sport. A water bottle printed with your company's logo is the ideal gift when you're setting out to play golf on a warm spring day. Include a mini notebook and a pen or pencil imprinted with your company's name, so your clients can keep track of their scores.

When you meet at the start of your golf outing, present your clients with their gift bags as a way of thanking them for joining you. They'll be pleased with you for providing company towels to clients for a golf outing, and other promotional golf accessories, not to mention water, snack bars and other staples. Take time to put together gift packages that your clients will remember, including towels and other items imprinted with your logo. Promotional products offer free publicity for your company as well as a way to show your clients that you appreciate their business.

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