Promotional Travel and Luggage Items

Promotional travel and luggage items are a hot commodity among companies engaged in a lot of business travel. You can find high quality items many travelers consider essential to take with them whenever they leave home. From garment and travel bags to pillows and duffle bags, there is a wide assortment to choose from. For promotional purposes companies or groups might use these items as a sales incentive for either employees or for customers, or as a marketing angle to go with existing sales offers. There are many possibilities for ways folks could utilize promotional travel and luggage as part of their marketing efforts or in other capacities.

Many Travel Items are Available

Luggage is more on the high end of items for marketing and business promotions. Within this category, of course, there are many different types of items you can get from large promotional garment bags to small sewing or first aid kits. But you can also invest a little money into some great luggage to entice customers to make major purchases or to reward great employees for excellent service and hard work.

Gifts for Clients or Employees

These promotional gifts can be given out for a variety of reasons and in different contexts. High quality luggage can be offered to customers as part of a sales campaign enticing them to make purchases. The same can be offered to employees at an awards banquet or at the holidays. If a certain employee has worked hard and gone above and beyond the call of duty, a business owner could even consider placing a plane ticket and some cash inside the luggage, a paid vacation as a bonus for a job well done. If you have ever considered this type of promotional gift giving, imagine the drama that would unfold as the luggage was opened to reveal that corporate logo. Then you ask the employee to open the suitcase, and it builds even more. Promotional travel and luggage can be used for many different purposes, indeed.

Including promotional travel in your advertising and marketing campaign for customers can definitely get pricy. But it is worth thinking about anyway. If your budget does not allow for sending a customer on a trip, at least encourage them to do so by providing promotional travel and luggage gear to your top customers. You might be very surprised how much you can get for your money when you buy promotional travel and luggage supplies in bulk.

Some of the small ticket items are very affordable but highly useful at the same time. Something like a travel first aid kit makes a lot of sense to carry with us when we go out of town, but most of us probably wouldn't even think of buying one ahead of time. This sort of gift is well appreciated by recipients and usually goes to good use over time. Add to this the fact that you can have your company name printed on all these items. When your customer pulls out that promotional travel and luggage item like a sewing kit or portable toiletry set, your name will be once again fresh on their mind, potentially creating a new opportunity for referrals or for new sales leads.

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Place an order today for promotional travel and luggage items. From garment bags to duffel bags, airplane pillows to umbrellas, you can find a great selection to choose from. Choose the right products to ensure positive placement at home and frequent use on the road. Your marketing campaign can have a whole new dimension.

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