Promotional Tape Measures

Promotional tape measures are a category of business promotional items that really measure up. These great promotions products include many useful varieties that are small enough to carry in someone's pocket or purse, but useful enough to come in handy in a pinch. Tapes of different lengths and designs are available, each of which is customizable with a company logo to enhance its marketing appeal. Businesses can inch past the competition and leave contacts with a custom crafted giveaway perfect for new and returning customers, trade show visitors and even employees. Promotional tape measures include many different varieties suitable for use in different circumstance. All are high quality, low cost promotional tools that will provide lasting use for the recipient and prolonged brand building for the business that orders them.

Cheap Promotional Products for Customers

Our promotional tape measures give a business another great option for business promotions items for their customers. Companies often work hard coming up with suitable giveaways that are useful, have some sort of natural connection to the work they do, and yet fit into their promotions budget. Promotional tape measures are cheap and easily customizable. Yet they are durable and very useful for recipients. And they make a lot of sense for many different customers as giveaways that relate back to the company providing them. One easy example is home builders or any kind of company in the building professions. Tape measures are necessary tools of the trade for these folks. Picking up an order of these custom printed products make perfect sense for gifts that reinforce name and brand recognition for your company. Of course, there are many other examples as well and those in the building trades certainly are far from the only ones who can create a logical business or organizational marketing campaign using promotional tape measures.

Trade Show Gifts that Measure Up

The truth is that since almost everyone has tape measures laying around the house somewhere, pretty much everyone can use these promotional gifts. They are perfect for trade show giveaways. Anyone can get some use out of carabiner or keychain tape measures that go where they go. The portability of these products is what makes them so valuable. They are there in a pinch if you come across a situation and you need a quick measurement for any reason. Shopping at a retail store and trying to figure out if something will fit in your living room is simple if you have one of these tape measures handy to get a quick number on the dimensions to compare against the space back home. Promotional tape measures are great for trade shows because they are cheap to buy, especially in promotional bulk quantities; and because they are quite popular, a set of items people really enjoy receiving.

Low Cost Employee Recognition Promotions

Promotional efforts within the confines of the office itself or with closely allied suppliers and business partners often get stale. We tend to order the same old t shirts and business cards and never stop to realize that these purchases represent opportunities to build excitement for our business brand among our own troops. Custom printed tape measures are fun to receive and very handy. Employees who get them will clip them on to their keychains or put them in their purses or on their belt loops. These are giveaway items that many of us wouldn't go out of our way to buy on our own because we might not think of it. But promotional tape measures are very useful and very handy items anyone would appreciate.

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