Promotional Sunscreen, Lotion, and Hand Sanitizer

Promotional sunscreen, lotion, and hand sanitizer is a group of promotional products well suited for cheap gift giving tied to themed promotions or for standalone merchandising to build brand awareness in different settings. Promotional sunscreen is a great seasonal product that can go perfectly in a summer gift bag as a part of themed sales promotions or trade show giveaways. Customers will see your logo every time they hit the beach or cover the kids before they go out back. Custom printed lotion in travel sizes is popular because it's portable, fitting in purses and backpacks with no problem. And hand sanitizer comes in handy where sinks can't be found, when you're on the go or out in the woods. Promotional sunscreen, lotion, and hand sanitizer is a category providing businesses and organizations with many different low cost options for your promotions department.

Beach Themed Corporate Promotions

When summer rolls around, many corporate promotions begin to heat up. Summer is a great season for sales in many industries. Beach themed promotional health items are very common during this time of year. Companies invoke memories of the fun times we've all spent on the sand and surf to promote positive feelings about them among consumers. But the smart ones are the businesses that include printed beach themed products in these promotions.

Promotional sunscreen is a prime example. It screams summer, for one thing. And it's highly practical because pretty much everyone that gets outside during the summer months needs protection from the scorching sun. Promotional sunscreen, lotion, and hand sanitizer includes a whole group of products that are right at home in a beach bag. Sanitizer keeps you clean and helps the kids wash up before that picnic lunch. And lotion keeps you from getting too dry while you're getting a tan. And of course, that every important sunscreen is a must in every beach bag.

Cheap Promotional Hand Lotion

Our promotional sunscreen, lotion, and hand sanitizer includes many cheap promotional products that companies can buy in bulk and still stay within their overall budget for marketing giveaways. If your business is looking for practical items that people will actually use and keep around, this category is a great choice. All of these products are extremely useful even though they are inexpensive. Many people have good intentions when summer comes and intend to protect their skin with sunscreen, but when it comes down to it they never actually go out and buy it. But if you provide them with quality promotional sunscreen, lotion, and hand sanitizer, they'll most likely toss it in their purses and packs and use it all season long. Just a few dollars buys a company extended logo exposure and brand building. It's a great deal for you just as it is for the recipient.

Travel Size Hand Sanitizer

Many of these great low cost high quality products come in convenient travel sizes. Sometimes the best promotional items come in small packages. Lotion and hand sanitizer that are easy to carry and easy to fit into bags and purses are likely to be included in the packs of stuff we carry wherever we go. Give people convenient travel sizes, and you're more likely to get regular use for your giveaways (and you'll save money on a per unit basis as well).

Promotional sunscreen, lotion, and hand sanitizer is a group of products with great marketing potential. Sunscreen and lotion are beach favorites, and hand sanitizer is every young mother's secret weapon for cleanliness. Choose promotional sunscreen, lotion, and hand sanitizer as a great seasonal promotion.

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