Promotional Stick On/Magnetic Calendars

Promotional stick on/magnetic calendars are a group of cheap promotional items that make handy and highly visible alternatives to business cards. They are ubiquitous in most kitchens across the country, proving their usefulness and high rate of successful product placement in homes. Stick on/magnetic calendars give the recipient an instantly recognizable place to quickly glance when they're trying to figure out the date or set up an appointment while they're on the phone. They serve the additional purpose of working as kitchen magnets so they can hold up report cards, to do lists or other important items on the fridge of those who receive them. They're a great promotional calendar idea because once received, they're virtually guaranteed to hang around for at least a year; and once the calendar rolls over, you can send out new ones for continued brand visibility.

Handy Alternatives to Business Cards

Promotional stick on/magnetic calendars are handy alternatives to business cards because they serve a function independent of simply advertising your business. They can be really nice to have on the fridge in the kitchen as a reference point when dates and times come up and people need to figure out upcoming appointments, days off, vacations, or kids' school schedules. Their high visibility placement on refrigerators means they will be referenced constantly. Even when they're not being utilized for information access, these stick on/magnetic calendars will be used for their other utility, holding other things up like important pieces of paper that need to be displayed. Customers will pin their kids' doodling, notes from teachers, and other important documents on their fridge with your promotional magnet.

Useful Products for Every Home

Promotional stick on/magnetic calendars are useful products for every home. Many of these items are designed for a long life on the fridge. They often include a business card magnet with a paper calendar that you tear off month by month. By the time the year ends, customers are so used to having them and utilizing their magnetic capabilities that they usually hang around even after the calendar rolls over.

There are a number of stick on/magnetic calendars to choose from. You can choose the one that best suits you or the personality of your business, or just do what most business do and make your choice based on your budget. Either way, you are sure to get a great promotional product that's small, compact, and easy to carry. These items are cheap to buy in bulk, so they're easy to give away and help you get your name out in the marketplace.

Promotional Items that Hang Around

Promotional stick on/magnetic calendars are business promotion giveaways that really tend to stick around. People get used to seeing these promotional stick on/magnetic calendars every time they open the fridge, so after a while they sort of become a part of the scenery. This, of course, is good and bad at the same time. Prolonged visibility through your stick on/magnetic calendars is good, but the promotional impact may lessen over time, which is why these are great gifts to mail out to long time customers every year.

Send promotional stick on/magnetic calendars to your entire customer database. Give them to new customers and encourage them to keep a spot open on their fridge for you when that next one comes in the mail each year. Start a yearly tradition with quality stick on/magnetic calendars with your logo. Make sure you let long tome customers know you're still around. Send promotional stick on/magnetic calendars and give your customers something useful while promoting your business.

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