Promotional Portfolios, Padfolios, and Jotters

Promotional portfolios, padfolios, and jotters address a need common to business people while also responding to a marketing opportunity for any business. These custom printed jotters and portfolios provide a convenient portable source of paper for writing down phone numbers, things to remember and other important information. At the same time, they advertise a business consistently and effectively by including a printed logo on the front face. These padfolios and notebooks are great for handing out to customers you come across on the job and at trade shows. And jotters make excellent gifts as a thank you for business. Promotional portfolios, padfolios, and jotters are great to have at the office, too. If a company is going to buy these products anyway, it might as well get them custom printed and save money buying them in promotional quantities.

Affordable Printed Jotters for Customers

Our promotional portfolios, padfolios, and jotters include many items perfectly suited for giving to customers of a business. Create a more lasting connection with your clientele and encourage the development of a long term relationship with a free promotional business supply gift that they can legitimately use. Custom printed jotters and portfolios come in handy at home and on the road. They can be used to write down things like grocery and to do lists, or to take down phone messages. Promotional portfolios, padfolios, and jotters are great to have around the house. They're not just for use in the office; any one of us can always use a handy place to jot things down and take down notes on topics of importance or interest to us.

Promotional printed padfolios and jotters are simple, informal, and yet professional all at the same time. Jotter and padfolios get the job done without being pretentious about it. They're inexpensive to purchase, especially at low promotional pricing. And portfolios are convenient to use just about anywhere. Your business can gather up an order of these promotional portfolios, padfolios, and jotters and let your customer know you appreciate them in a very simple yet useful way. Invest in a gift that will go to good use. Make sure the promotions you participate in lead to prolonged visibility for your logo and contact information. Create a sustained connection with your clients and watch your brand grow and name recognition increase. These are the kinds of gifts that can also lead to increased rates of referrals from past and present customers to potential new ones.

Promotional Portfolios for Trade Shows

At trade shows, these promotional gifts can be great giveaways to new contacts who sign up for in home estimates, consultations or product quotes. It is also great to have something to give to a new customer whose business you win at one of these shows. If you are a service oriented company like a remodeling business, obviously the work you do won't be completed when you and the customer shake hands and sign the contract. But if you can give them handsome printed promotional portfolios or padfolios before they head out of your booth, it strengthens the connection you've made and gives them a takeaway from the meeting before you ever set foot on their property and begin your work.

Imprinted Padfolios for the Office

Our promotional portfolios, padfolios, and jotters are perfect for use in the office as well. There is no reason your business promotion efforts need to be limited to outside the office. Your people can advertise the company everywhere they go as well. Choose promotional portfolios, padfolios, and jotters for office paper supplies and maximize marketing opportunities.

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