Promotional Pens Under $10

Promotional pens under $10 are a great category of promotional products with many great gift items included under this price point. Pens under $10 include many of the best known and most popular models, the ones that promote both style and comfort. This gift category is perfect for giveaways at trade show, because you don't really have to know a lot about a person to provide a pen for them. We all need these utensils from time to time, so their usefulness is unquestionable.

Promotional pens under $10 are also great with homeowners we work with. It seems you can never keep good pens around the house for very long. Help your customers out by giving them a ready supply of writing instruments at their fingertips, printed with your logo for high visibility in the home and great marketing potential. Build brand awareness and name recognition all at the same time. These promotional pens are also wonderful at your own office, of course, giving you an option for branded items to promote solidarity and team spirit among the troops. Choose promotional pens under $10, and see how far you can write on a limited budget.

Writing Utensils for Trade Shows

There are some pretty interesting and unique items in this product category. Choose the ones that best reflect your promotional goals. If you are looking to spend less than $10 and want to make sure you get something substantial in return, this might be a sensible choice. Bulk ordering means that you can get a lot of value for the money you spend. Try out an LED light pen or some other great model for your next trade show giveaway.

The secret to a successful trade show promotion is that you have to give customers something for nothing, and it has to be something useful. If you can do that, you'll get their attention and make some good contacts. Promotional pens under $10 are great trade show bait because some of them are entertaining on top of being useful. Make a creative choice with the understanding that the promotional pens under $10 that you choose could be the hit of the show. We all remember that one booth at every show that's always inundated with people. Usually it's because of the great giveaways.

Free Gifts for Great Customers

Promotional pens under $10 make great free gifts for your customers as well. Give an established customer a nice high quality logo pen to say thanks, or hand promotional pens out along with each estimate. Spending under $10, you have a lot of room to play with this promotion. Keep it within your budget, but don't limit your creativity, and make sure to capitalize on every opportunity to market yourself. High quality writing instruments give you just such an opportunity. These pens are excellent promotional gifts for customers, and at such a low price under $10, they are great to stock up on for the office as well.

Branded Instruments for Your Office

These fantastic writing utensils build team spirit in the office. Any time you can bring in promotional merchandise that actually increases productivity, and do it for under $10, you are coming out ahead in the deal. These items are great for stocking up on because every time your logo is seen, it build brand recognition. If you want to be a household name, promotions like these are how you do it over time. Place a bulk order for promotional pens under $10, and start working toward that goal of name recognition and support for your company.

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