Promotional Pens Under $1

Promotional pens under $1 are a great promotional item that can fit into your briefcase and your budget. These pens are great for any kind of giveaway for old customer or new, to present with your final bill or with your initial proposal. They're also great to stock up on for around the office. Give your people one more reason to build team spirit and a sense of corporate identity with a wonderful instrument under $1 that's as functional as it is promotional. Promotional pens under $1 are suitable to give out to customers upon your first meeting with them. They are also good for inexpensive giveaways at trade shows and business expos.

Pens a Great Promo Giveaway

Promotional pens under $1 are a great freebie giveaway for any occasion. As cheap as they are, you can afford to buy them in bulk and still stay within a reasonable budget. As small as they are, you can store a nice supply and not take up all of your storage space. And even though they're small and inexpensive, promotional pens under $1 are informative in sharing about your business and useful to customers as well. They are far superior to business cards because recipients can use them day in and day out, whereas business cards really serve no intrinsic function of their own and are really only good for supplying a phone number and company URL.

Promotional pens under $1 are more likely to be kept around than business cards because of their utilitarian nature. People could always use a good pen. Children need them for school work, and adults have all kinds of different uses for them around the house and office. They're welcome in any home because they're one of those items we always have an additional need for.

Stock Up on Logo Pens

Choose a promotional pen under $1and stock up on a ready supply of these writing instruments. Keep a batch handy in your desk at work, your briefcase, and your car. Promotional pens are a handy and simple yet effective advertising tool to use in informal or impromptu marketing efforts that fall into your lap throughout the course of the day. Build your brand among people you meet with a cheap yet effective giveaway.

Promotional pens under $1 are also awesome trade show freebies. Many people will use them on the spot, as different vendors often have them fill out forms if they're interested in their products and services. Make sure your competitors have visual confirmation that these folks have been to your booth first. For under $1, you can get yourself a nice non lethal missile in your friendly trade show battle. These gifts are always popular because we all need pens in our everyday lives, so why not provide customers with a quality pen that happens to be adorned with your name, logo and phone number for easy reference later on.

Trade Show Gifts Under $1

People say you can't get much for $1 anymore. But when it comes to business promotional gifts, there are actually some high quality low cost items that fit into that category. For under $1 per item, you can choose from among many different models and colors, so there's some nice variety built in.

Sometimes business promotions get very expensive. Some companies are understandably scared off by the high cost of many gift ideas. But they are not all out of your price range. Think practical, think cheap, and keep it simple with gifts that fit any budget. Order bulk quantity promotional pens under $1.

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