Promotional Pens and Writing Utensils

Promotional pens and writing utensils are a very popular choice in promotional merchandise, because they are very cheap, easy to carry and hand out, and very useful for their recipients. The unit cost of promotional pens and writing accessories is among the lowest of all types of promotional merchandise. Pens and pencils can come in handy for anyone from young students all the way up to business people. You can get orders together for fundraisers for your school, for raising awareness of different causes and campaigns, or to simply advertise your business in a new and practical way.

Inexpensive Business Marketing Tools

Pens and other writing instruments are a perfect group of items to focus on for inexpensive business marketing tools. You can hand out these promotional pens and writing utensils everywhere you go as a business leader or sales person. Give them to customers with your written estimate instead of a business card. Hand a promotional pencil to their children as you walk out the door. Pass out pens and other writing instruments and accessories wherever you go to advertise your business and share your contact information in a functional way. These items are obviously very practical, something that generally can't be said of business cards. Yet they do not cost much more if you buy them in bulk.

Promotional items of this nature do not require a substantial investment, and carrying and presenting them doesn't necessitate any prior preparation or special accommodations. They fit into your pocket or briefcase and do not take up valuable space in your car if you are a traveling sales person working out of your vehicle. Promotional pens and writing essentials are an untapped resource for some businesses. If you have to buy pens anyway, you may as well place an order like this and use them in your own office as well. In bulk these printed items don't cost any more than packages at the store. In fact, in many cases they are cheaper, even with your logo added.

Versatile Choice for Promotions

Many different groups can utilize this option for their marketing purposes. Writing utensils and accessories are in need everywhere. Items like highlighters, markers and pencils with promotional messages printed on them tend to get snapped in a hurry by their recipients. If you are leading a school fundraiser for gym equipment or a library expansion, order a case of pens or pencils with your school logo and sell them to help with the fund raising. Leaders of social advocacy groups and other organizations promoting their interests can place orders to pass out to interested parties with their website address to point them to more information about their cause. The great thing about promotional pens and writing is that they do not cost much money at all, so that you can get a lot for a little when you choose this promotional option.

Maybe writing is the point of your campaign. If you're urging voters about writing to their senator about a relevant issue, or getting parents to help their kids learn how to write, use this marketing medium to get your point across visually. Give people promotional pens and writing utensils emblazoned with your message to help spread the word.

Advertise in a New Way

Take your business or organization promotion to the next level, and advertise in a new way. Look into the potential of using these products to hand out and give people physical representations of your message. Order a shipment of promotional pens and writing utensils and put it on pen and paper.

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