Promotional Pedometers

Promotional pedometers are a great low cost promotional gift idea for health conscious customers and employees. Doctor's offices, health clinics, gymnasiums, and other health and fitness themed businesses are wise to select this sort of business promotion. Buy them for your clients, suppliers, workers, and others. Our high quality pedometers keep track of the steps you take in your walking or jogging program. But they do much more than that. Different models track calories burned, monitor heart rate, and feature stop watch capabilities to go with their step counting features. The step count feature helps people set goals that are not related to speed, but rather endurance. If your clients learn to set and reach goals based on the number of steps covered in a day or an exercise session, they are more likely to stick to their goals and get into a solid exercise routine. And over time, speed will come as physical fitness increases, making the stop watch features all the more important. These promotional sports gifts are great for fitness enthusiasts and armchair athletes alike. They help people at all levels of fitness. Use promotional pedometers for your next business promotion and help your customers get fit.

Great Gifts for Healthy Living

Promotional products like these are great gifts to promote healthful living. Our promotional pedometers offer a very simple way to track progress and work toward a goal. They break it down into the simplest unit of physical movement. Tracking steps is the simplest and most basic way of keeping track of physical movement through space.

Promotional pedometers are a very popular group of business promotion products. Even recipients who do not go out of their way to exercise are likely to use these products just out of curiosity if for no other reason. They can track their movement up and down stairs, to and from the parking lot, and all through the office during the course of the day. The information these gifts yield such as the calories burned feature can motivate people by showing them how much they are already doing without any extra effort. Sometimes when fitness is broken down into simple numbers it is easier to understand and the concepts are greatly simplified.

Pedometers Have Many Different Features

Versatile and useful pedometers have many different features, and not just the capability to count the steps of the user. They can also estimate calories burned based on information entered like the height, weight, age and gender of the user. Certain models also check out your heart rate and keep track of that for you as well. The combination of all the different features of these promotional products is great for users who get all kinds of information in one concise location.

Help Clients Set and Reach Goals

Promotional pedometers can help you to give clients a hand setting and reaching goals for their personal fitness regimens. As part of an overall promotional campaign targeted at physical fitness and health and wellness, our pedometers can arm businesses and organizations with a really handy resource they can turn over to participants to help them keep track of their own progress.

Promotional efforts to help clients and customers with their health and wellness tend to shed positive promotional light on your business or organization. Promotional pedometers are a great low cost option that provides a great basic health service for recipients. Choose from our selection of high quality reasonably priced pedometers and choose the one that fits your goals and your budget. Place an order of promotional pedometers and get your clients started on the fitness path.

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