Promotional Paperweights

Promotional paperweights are a versatile and popular group of promotional business products. Some of our paperweights are stand alone items, while others serve multiple purposes. From photo frames to sand sifters, our selection is diverse and full of intriguing possibilities. These items are great as gifts to present to customers in gratitude for their business. Custom logo merchandise continues to market on behalf of your company long after the gesture is completed. They are also perfect for employees. Say thanks to hard workers and even present awards paperweights denoting special achievements or service milestones. Whatever the occasion or recipient, promotional paperweights can work in a variety of settings and are as well received as they are multifunctional.

Corporate Awards for Top Employees

Companies looking for inexpensive but functional desktop gifts for their employees should take a good look at our entire selection of promotional paperweights. We have fun items like cube photo frames that hold family pictures while also holding down important paperwork and keeping it from blowing away when the breezes pick up outside the office. Some of these selections are of the award giving variety as well. Promotional desktop awards etched with commemorative text instantly become a keepsake and a constant on the desks of those who receive them. Motivate your top people toward further accomplishment, recognize those who exceed quotes, and thank the workers who have hung around for years with award paperweights of etched glass and other materials.

Often these small gestures are all it takes to improve the corporate culture around the office and get people motivated again. Showing a desire to recognize and reward achievement when you see it makes it clear that this kind of performance is what you expect from your people. Make it a point to reinforce positive work behavior and you will see it on display more often from even your marginal employees.

Cheap Promotional Gifts for Customers

Our low cost promotional paperweights group of products also includes many cheap items perfectly suitable for giving to customers. Tell the people who have supported your business consistently through the years how much you appreciate their help. Let them know you understand the important role they play in your company's prosperity. (After all, without customers, we'd all be sunk.)

Entice new customers and business prospects by adding items like promotional paperweights to existing sales drives. Give out promotional photo frames and other desktop weights as part of larger giveaways or to add value to current sales promotions. Increase the effectiveness of your sales pitch by offering a promotional freebie that your competition can't touch. With margins at an all time low in many industries, pricing is more competitive than ever. Separating yourself from the competition is tough. Try the tactic of spending some of your promotions budget directly on customers and see what kind of impact it can make on the bottom line.

Say Thanks with Gift Paperweights

Regardless of the exact nature of the gift or the reason behind it, these great business promotion items are sure to please. There is a range of items to choose from, and at low bulk prices, buyers can afford to stock up. Place an order of promotional paperweights for the entire office to commemorate a successful year or to celebrate the holidays. Grab some paperweights to take with you on sales calls and in home consultations with prospective customers. Add them to the list of gifts to bring to trade shows and business expos as special promotional giveaways. Say thanks with a gift that's worth its weight. Order our high quality promotional paperweights.

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