Promotional Marble and Stone Awards

Promotional marble and stone awards are a particularly elegant and beautiful variety of award recognition gifts. They are a classic way of saying thank you to employees and executives who put forth their best effort day in and day out on behalf of your company. Choose from our selection of stone and marble awards and create a custom engraved promotional gift that will last a lifetime. Businesses that work on sales quotes can reward the top sellers who consistently exceed these quotas and deliver big volume every quarter. Recognize the workers in every department that demonstrate loyalty and self less service in the way they go about doing their job. And of course, these promotional marble and stone awards are not just for businesses. They are also a great way of expressing thanks on behalf of an organization for charitable contributions, volunteer efforts and other hard work. Examine our full supply of promotional marble and stone awards and save with low bulk pricing.

Plaques and Awards for Salespeople

Promotional efforts within a company to promote achievement in sales are often centered upon award recognition. Beyond financial bonuses and other economic motivators, sales people respond to public acknowledgment of success better than maybe any other stimulus. People who do well in this field are usually very competitive by nature. Turning the work they do into a contest of sorts with promotional marble or stone plaques for the winners can lead to heightened efforts all around to seek new contacts and close deals at a higher rate. Promotional marble and stone awards are a great way to express a company's thanks for top sales volumes, providing competitive, achievement driven employees with one more reason to redouble their efforts and really bear down on their work.

Award Recognition for Hardworking Employees

Sales departments are not the only ones in companies that deserve special recognition for their talent and determination. Hardworking employees across every department can be singled out for what they do to personally contribute to the well being of a business. Promotional marble and stone awards engraved with a name, date and special message recognizing their efforts tell them they are on the right track putting so much into their jobs. And awards in marble or stone for their desks and mantles back home also let everyone else know that the company management or ownership does know the difference between those who really excel and those who do just enough to get by. Encourage effort by rewarding it when you see it with beautiful stone and marble awards recognizing individuals who best represent the embodiment of the corporate culture you are trying to create.

Thank You Gifts for Organizations

Promotional efforts recognizing great contributions through the giving of award merchandise does not have to be limited to businesses alone. Our promotional awards are suitable for use in any organization of any size or description. A foundation thanking benefactors for their gift giving generosity, a youth sports leagues commemorating the efforts of volunteer coaches, and charities hailing the donations of major supporters all can use one or more of our promotional marble and stone awards to get that special message across.

A promotional award made of durable and beautiful materials like stone or marble symbolizes the lasting nature of the contributions they commemorate. They are visually beholding and they outlast almost any other gift product because their life span is virtually unlimited. These gifts are reasonably priced and become a lasting monument to the achievements they commemorate. Order our promotional marble and stone awards for your employees and top contributors.

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