Promotional Luggage Tags

Promotional luggage tags are one of the simplest and most useful categories in promotional products. We offer an array of different options that give you different looks and materials to serve this basic and essential purpose for travelers. Choose from luggage tags made of acrylic, vinyl, PVC and other materials. If yours is a company that frequently sends its people out plane hopping to get things done, you need to give them ways to easily pick out their own baggage among the rest at the airport. Baggage claim is one of the areas where we sometimes waste the most time at the airport. With so many bags that look so similar to one another, we sometimes spend all kinds of time watching the carousel go around and around before we ever figure out which ones are ours. With promotional luggage tags, this problem is virtually eliminated. If your bags have a distinctive logoed tag, you know they're yours without any doubt.

Skip the Baggage Claim Uncertainty

In business, time is money. This is especially true in business travel. One of the best ways to effectively promote more efficient travel for your people is to ensure that they have clearly visible and distinctive luggage tags on all of their baggage. Being able to instantly distinguish your luggage from everyone else's gives you at least one leg up in the derby to leave the airport and get to your important meeting or to check in at the hotel in time for the conference you're hosting.

Sadly, promotional luggage tags cannot do anything to help you flag down a taxi or get the subway to move on time. But at least you have the comfort of knowing your own bags are clearly marked with TSA compliant tags that you can't miss when you see them. Every little advantage counts and every minute is important for globetrotting business travelers who span the globe to do what they need to do in the course of a normal work week.

Create Corporate Solidarity among Travelers

With these promotional travel products for business people, you can do something more to promote solidarity and togetherness among the people you send all across the globe. With matching logoed custom promotional luggage tags, your top movers and shakers will feel a little bit more like a team. You might even get them to help each other out in the chase for suitcases at baggage claim. This kind of experience is ordinarily one of the most innocuous of all for weary world travelers, but if you can give your people fun compliant promotional luggage tags or other promotional items that light up when they move or do other interesting things to stick out, you might just give them a reason to smile (in between plotting ways to outperform one another in exceeding their sales quotas every month).

Luggage Tags as Promotional Items

Most people probably wouldn't think of luggage tags in the promotional sense. But think about it: airlines all across the globe use them to market themselves every day. So, what is stopping your business from doing the same? If you have to send your people on airport treks day after day, there is no reason not to capitalize and outfit them with promotional luggage tags advertising your company. Perhaps your tag on a carryon will spark a conversation with someone sharing a row of seats and lead to a sales opportunity. The best sales people never miss a bona fide promotional sales opportunity. Promotional luggage tags are your company's highly visible and distinctive business card for when you hit the skies.

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