Promotional Laundry Bags

Promotional laundry bags are a practical and useful product category that every household can use. Choose from our assortment of high quality low cost laundry bags, and clean up the competition with your business promotion. Use them for cleaning product tie ins and other themed sales events. Provide them for college students and renters who have no in home laundry access. There are countless possible applications for these quality products. Make them an affordable and versatile part of your promotion campaign and save big with our low promotion pricing. Get promotional bags with your logo and advertise your company even when sorting the darks from the lights.

Great Promotions for College Campuses

Laundry bags are items almost anybody can use for their versatility and simple utilitarian nature. They can be used for more than just hauling your dirty socks to the wash, so any household can get some use out of them. But they're especially appropriate for marketing to folks who have no access to their own washer and dryer. If you are looking for a great promotional product giveaway to appeal to college students, think about promotional laundry bags as an affordable and highly useful option. Students who live on campus and off will both take advantage of these bags that make it so much easier to get to the Laundromat or to get their dirty clothes back home to Mom and Dad's.

Appeal to Needs of Renters

Promotional products that take care of common needs are great because so many people will integrate them into their daily routines as soon as they get their hands on them. Promotional laundry bags are a great example. Many renters living in apartment complexes do not have their own private washers and dryers. Some complexes do have a central washing area with washers and dryers for all tenants; others have no such facilities at all. In either case, renters need a way to get their clothing to and from the laundry area where they do the wash. So, promotional laundry bags are a great fit for renters.

If you are looking for a way to reach this particular demographic in your promotional campaign, promotional laundry bags might be a great choice. Even if your target customer base is young adults, laundry hauling supplies are great because so many young people are either in college or living on their own in rented dwellings. Reach more renters with promotional laundry bags that help them keep up with their whites and colors and advertise your company at the same time. Our selection of top quality products includes a range of choices, each of which can be customized with your logo or marketing message. A college ministry or club could market to students, and area businesses marketing to young adults could really clean up with this promotional idea.

Save Big with Bulk Pricing

Whatever your exact target demographic might be, your promotional campaign will be a success with this product line because it is so useful to so many different people. Drawstring or duffle style bags are easy to load up and easy to carry. They can fit even an oversized load and yet they can fit in the trunk of a compact car or in the passenger seat, so folks can get them to and from the Laundromat with ease.

Save big with bulk pricing, just as you save at the Laundromat by stuffing a few extra sweaters and socks into that oversized load. Place a bulk order for promotional laundry bags and help your customers or target demographic finish their weekly ritual.

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