Promotional Lapel Pins

Promotional lapel pins are small but eye catching apparel items that can highlight your business logo, political campaign or social awareness drive. Regardless of the company or organization you represent, with our great low cost products we can get you a high quality pin to give out to supporters and volunteers and still stay within your budget. Companies can pass them out to employees to commemorate service milestones or just to build a sense of commonality across the workforce. Political campaigns can order those classic buttons that have been so ubiquitous on our politicians' lapels for years now. And organizations raising awareness and funding for causes such as breast cancer research, to promote the cause and get more people thinking about it. Brand building is just as important to political campaigns and to awareness drives as it is to businesses.

Build Unity in Your Business

Business owners can help develop a sense of commonality of purpose and unity with items like logo pins for employees. These low cost promotional show products are wearable visual symbols of your company. You can put them on hats, sweaters, backpacks, and of course, lapels. Promotional lapel pins featuring your corporate logo are inexpensive and small enough to order in bulk and store right at the office. Give them to new hires or reserve them for service anniversaries. Promotional lapel pins symbolize your company as a distinct entity, but also acknowledge the fact that any company is really made up of its people. Let your people know they are appreciated and that you understand how important they are to your success, and prove that you mean it with promotional lapel pins they can wear proudly.

Brand Power for Political Campaigns

A promotional lapel pin can give a simple slogan some cache during the course of a political race. Lapel pins are closely identified with some of the most famous and heated political rivalries and races in recent memory. These days, it is expected that every candidate will have an American flag pin. But more attention most of the time is paid to the political campaign slogan and its accompanying pin. Pare down your platform to a few words and reach voters visually with a small but powerful promotional symbol of what you intend to accomplish in office. Stock up and hand out promotional lapel pins at rallies and informal town hall meetings. Give them to those you meet on the campaign trail and pick up supporters who will market your cause as you make your way to Election Day. Campaign managers love these lapel pins because they can harness and spark grassroots support for a very low cost.

Raise Awareness through Visual Imagery

In the same way, social awareness campaigns benefit from the strong visual presence of promotional awareness lapel pins. The ubiquitous pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness is every bit as much of a brand name as any business logo. Fund raising drives and public calls to action benefit greatly from the visual appeal of a well known logo symbolizing the effort.

Promotional pins for your lapel are inexpensive and highly effective forms of advertising for any cause. Order promotional lapel pins in different varieties from those that light up to brass etched models and pin your marketing goals on everyone you come into contact with. Promotional efforts for businesses, sports teams, organizations, and political campaigns are just a few examples of those that can benefit from including these great products in the promotion of their cause. Place a bulk order of quality promotional lapel pins and pin down another great promotion.

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