Promotional Keychains

Promotional keychains are a promotional product category containing many of our best sellers. Stock up on attractive and durable bulk keychains in different colors, styles, and materials. These products are an affordable and functional gift option for trade shows and customer promotions. Choose from high quality crystal and leather keychains or products made in metal and plastic. No matter what your budget may look like, you can stretch your dollar a little further and get more for your money with our low bulk pricing on promotional items. Share your logo or marketing slogan with a keychain that goes everywhere with the customer for extended high visibility placement. Our products are chosen from only the highest quality items available in each product category, so your satisfaction is assured no matter which of our collection of promotional keychains you end up choosing to market your business.

Great Gifts for Trade Shows

Our collection of promotional keychains is a great group of gift items to choose from for trade show giveaways. Hand your booth visitors something of value while also giving them something to remember you by later on. The promotional emphasis on a trade show is often a bit out of focus. Many companies, especially those who do not have a lot of experience merchandising at these expos, get the impression that if they do not close a lot of sales that day, the show will be a failure. But this is not necessarily the case.

Of course, we all love selling at trade shows. And every sale you can make on the spot is important. But just as important is the notion of planting a seed with a customer. This initial contact might not get you a sale at the show, but it may lead to a deal in the months to come. Give your customers something they can hang onto to keep your company on their minds as they mull over their purchase decision. In the meantime, your high quality keychains and your sparkling personality will help you strike up a conversation on the spot and establish a connection. And those connections are what these shows are really all about. Use promotional keychains to stake your claim to that seed you've planted, and cash in on a sale when the customer is ready.

Low Cost Customer Product Giveaways

Beyond trade shows, promotional keychains are also excellent gift items to have around for your everyday business promotional efforts. Hand one to the guy you run into at the gas station who notices your truck sign. Give them to your customers when you give them your final invoice at job completion and politely ask them to tell your friends about you. Your charm and the quality of your work will keep you in business, but it helps to have extra tools like logo keychains to make your promotional work a little easier.

Your Key to Successful Promotions

Promotional keychains are a useful and surprisingly diverse line of top rated business marketing products. From electronic to flexible shape keychains, these low cost promotional items are your key to a successful business promotion. Choose products that help you to emphasize the strength of your company, things that put your personality front and center.

A smart business owner will recognize that the biggest asset you have in your business is the human asset. Base your promotions on meaningful personal contact and interaction and sell yourself as someone who is interested in more than just making money. Simple but functional gifts like promotional keychains reinforce that message and give your customers a reminder after you are gone.

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