Promotional Ice Scrapers

Promotional ice scrapers are a simple and practical set of promotional automotive products companies could purchase for a low cost per unit. Ice scrapers are items that all vehicle need to have in climates where the temperature drops below freezing at night. Anyone who has had to deal with heavy frost on the windshield without a decent scraper can attest to their importance during the chilly winter months. Businesses that specialize in auto care might choose this particular category as a natural fit for their service and product lines.

Of course, the usefulness of these inexpensive corporate gift ideas is not limited to auto shops. Any business looking for a very practical and useful giveaway for their customers could choose promotional ice scrapers. They are affordable and easy to customize with a corporate logo. Grab a custom order for an upcoming fall or winter trade show. Or buy them for a seasonal promotion to add value to customer purchases. Order promotional ice scrapers and scrape up another creative business promotion.

Promotional Products for Auto Shops

Our selection of promotional ice scrapers includes many items that would perfectly fit as product giveaways at auto shops or other vehicle related businesses. Give your customers windshield scrapers to have in their cars and your name and phone number will always be retrievable anytime they need it. Custom windshield repair shops are a natural fit for these great low cost items. But they make sense as a value added giveaway for just about any other auto service related business as well. Everyone needs windshield scrapers in their cars. Companies can choose from mini scrapers and heavy duty ones depending on customer need and your business promotions budget. Businesses that sell auto parts and even auto dealers can grab these promotional items and end up with a very useful promotion that fits right in with what they do as a company.

Cheap Winter Trade Show Giveaways

Businesses that sell cars and car parts are not the only ones who can successfully use promotional ice scrapers as a business promotion. Those of us who live in the colder parts of the country understand all too well the important of having quality ice scrapers to keep our windshields clear when we drive in the winter. It is hard enough to drive safely on slick roads and account for the sometimes treacherous conditions without adding to our own problems by driving around with poor visibility because we don't have a decent scraper. These items are cheap but they are worth their weight in gold on blustery mornings when the ice is thick and the driver is running later. Hand mitten promotional ice scrapers make the job much easier to bear for people who try to do it without wearing gloves. Promotional efforts utilizing these items are sure to please customers. Even cars that have one of these scraping tools can always use a spare for those mornings when the ice is so cold and thick that it just breaks the one you've got and leaves you trying desperately to think of a backup plan.

Great Low Cost Seasonal Promotions

Promotional ice scrapers are perfect for seasonal sales promotions at businesses looking for value added seasonally appropriate promotional merchandise to increase their leads and help separate their quotes from those of the competition. Sometimes our prices are so close to our competitors that the best we can do is scrape together some kind of small incentive to compel clients to choose us over the rest. Promotional ice scrapers work hard for you and for those who receive them.

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