Promotional Gel Pens

Promotional gel pens are a modern update on a classic promotional product. These pens are filled with gel ink, which makes it easy to produce smooth, clear writing. A pen is an essential staple item in pretty much every business and organization. When you buy in bulk, prices are so low that you actually save money over office supply prices while getting the added bonus of adding that corporate logo to the writing utensils for marketing and brand building purposes. These gift items are fantastic to have around the office. They are great to stock up simply to let every employee have a fistful and watch them promote the company for you. But they're also great for direct face to face brand building with new contacts. Give promotional gel pens to customers to thank them for their business and to encourage them to tell their friends and family about you. Hand out these great gift items at trade shows and give people something they can put right into their purse or pocket for immediate and lasting use.

Personalized Pen Set for Employees

Gel pens are great to have around the office. These items come in handy in every single day to day part of the job requiring a writing utensil. But even more useful are promotional gel pens custom inscribed with the business logo or name, address, and phone number. These promotional writing products become a much more functional and valuable alternative to business cards. Losing your pen is much less bothersome when you consider that someone might call you up and buy something from you as a result.

Offices have to stock up on writing supplies. When bulk prices are factored in, it is more cost effective to go ahead and order promotional gel pens and have them shipped to the office than it is to run to the local office supply and pick up boxes of generic pens. Rather than advertise some pen company, why not market your own business every time you write? When you get right down to it, there is really no reason for a company not to use promotional gel pens once they get to the point where they are going through a good number of them at a time. Buying these items actually saves money in these cases.

Wholesale Pens for Trade Shows

Gel ink and comfort grip make some pretty enticing writing utensils for trade shows. A promotional gel pen is a great investment for trade show promotions. These promotional products have all the business' essential information on them, and they give the recipient a long window of time to contact the company because they are long lasting. Promotional gel pens work great at business expos as cheap giveaways that actually have value. Many giveaway items are really throwaways, but these gifts are nothing of the sort. Promotional pens get tucked away in notebooks and pockets and pulled out again and again. These gifts may compel a customer to call you months after a trade show meeting when a spark of interest gives them a reason to contact you.

Perfect Low Cost Promotional Products

A custom printed gel pen can make the perfect trade show promotional giveaway product. The recipient doesn't have to find room for it or get adapted to the way it works or how it is stored. These gifts are perfect because they are already a normal and integral part of people's lives. Save the hassle of over thinking and the expense of over spending at your trade show. Buy promotional gel pens and write up a successful promotion.

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