Promotional Fun and Games

Promotional fun and games can give your company a lighthearted way to appeal to customers. If you are looking for items to give out as thanks, free gifts for trade shows or something to hand them along with your estimate, take a look at some of your options for promotional fun and games. You can buy high volumes of these custom printed products for a low cost, so they can easily fit into your budget. If your company is going through the time and expense of a trade show, for example, you should really have something to hand to passersby aside from a handbill they may just deposit in the trash at the next booth. Promotional fun and games appeal to the kid in all of us, and they are a non threatening way to get your name out there and make your company more memorable.

Trade Show Fun and Games

Trade shows can be a real zoo for customers as well as vendors. If you find them to be a maze and have a hard time remembering the location of your booth, imagine being a customer walking through and talking to dozens of different vendors all day long. Having a unique product angle is great, but it is not feasible for every company. For the rest of us, our presentation is our only chance at sticking out. Keep it fresh and simple and don't waste the customers' time. Tell them what they need to know about your company, and give them something fun to remember you by.

Promotional games might be even more valuable than you realize. Imagine a few weeks after the show is over, getting a call from a woman who says she saw her kids playing with your promotional frisbee and remembered she's been meaning to call you ever since the show, but had forgotten. That lighthearted promotional fun and games investment paid off in name recognition, which triggered her memory of your conversation in your booth all those days back. Even something as silly as a frisbee or a yoyo with your name on it can create that trigger and lead to a sale.

Freebies with Free Estimates

But these fun and games are not just limited to trade shows. Any sales opportunity is also an opportunity to try to set yourself apart from your competition. Giving out freebies with free estimates adds value to your presentation because it gives the customer something to play around with or hand to the kids after you leave, and also gives you something with your name on it in their home long after you're gone. You'll be more likely to remain in the conversation about which company to choose if you have some promotional presence in their home aside from your quote.

Low Cost, High Return

These promotional games are fun to buy and to hand out to others. They are non threatening yet they add to the message you're trying to convey about your company. They're also great for company parties and gifts as well. Imagine a holiday party decorated with promotional fun and games. You can actually reward your employees for playing around at work. Soften the mood a bit and allow some branded fun and games to modify the promotional message to your people. They work hard, but there's no reason they shouldn't enjoy themselves too. Promotional fun and games are just more promotional tools you have to craft a brand and an image for employees and customers alike. Take a look at all the promotional fun and games to choose from.

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