Promotional Eco Friendly Items

Promotional eco friendly items can send two positive messages at the same time while also leaving a lasting impression on their recipients. By opting to use eco friendly products that are biodegradable or made from recycled materials, you are demonstrating a greater social responsibility and ownership of the environment while you also use these products to convey your business message. The cost of these products might not be as high as some think. There is a general feeling among certain consumers that environmentally friendly products are impossible to afford. But the price difference may be more negligible than you would expect.

Offering promotional eco friendly products to customers as a thank you for doing business with you is a great way to promote referrals from those customers. Even just small tokens of thoughtfulness can go a long way toward galvanizing customers' opinions of you and of your company. In some cases even if a job did not go perfectly as planned, at the close of the work when you collect your final payment a thank you gift can make them forget about little bumps along the way and just remember your willingness to go the extra mile for them.

Promotional Gifts with Free Estimates

If you own a company that works in people's homes and you stop by their houses to deliver written estimates of the cost of jobs, you could include a promotional eco friendly product free of charge with your estimate as a means of saying thanks for just considering your company. Even just giving them a promotional biodegradable mug or some other environmentally responsible object can show them you're about more than just making money.

As a business owner in an increasingly competitive market place, you can set yourself apart by emphasizing relationship building. Eco friendly pens are not going to do that all by themselves. But your promotional platform of eco friendly products can actually be a jumping off point to casual conversation not directly related to your business or the products or services you hope to sell them. Promotional eco friendly items like things made from post consumer waste demonstrate an ecological consciousness and hint at larger and more important interests than merely running your business. By choosing eco friendly products for your promotional campaign, you can introduce yourself as a person with real interests and opinions, and not just a name on a business card or a number at the bottom of an estimate sheet.

Rewards for Loyal Clients

Very few business people have huge budgets set aside for things like promotional eco friendly water bottles, but these things can come in handy when you're working to continue building on established relationships with long term clients. Don't let an established customer feel like you take them for granted or only see them in monetary terms. Include these groups in your giveaways when you order your promotional eco friendly items or other merchandise. You can provide them with a nice little gift and maybe use the opportunity to personally thank individuals who have been the most instrumental in continuing relations with your company.

Eco friendly items for promotional campaigns can take a few dollars and turn it into priceless good will and productive public relations work. In your promotional efforts, don't just hand over a box of trinkets and walk away. Use the opportunity to share why you think the recipients are so important to you. Whether for first time customers or for long time clients or suppliers, use quality promotional eco friendly products emblazoned with your logo to communicate your sincere thanks.

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