Promotional Condoms

Promotional condoms are one of the more socially conscious business promotion types. With a strong safe sex message already implied, they leave room for your specific promotional message on the packaging outside while the real prize waits inside the package. These business promotion condoms are great trade show giveaways because they represent that one thing nearly everybody needs, but few of us really talk about. They are made of the highest quality yet are very inexpensive to stock up on in promotional quantity. Buy a bulk load for a college campus safe sex awareness campaign and help get students aware of the importance of safe sex. Order them for your bar or nightclub and you'll be the hero of all the patrons. They are popular among radios for giveaways at sponsored concerts and musical festivals. Order a large shipment of bulk promotional condoms, and your customers will thank you for it.

A Socially Conscious Business Promotion

Free condoms offered anywhere make for a more socially conscious business promotion. They are appropriate in a wide range of locations. Doctor's offices and health clinics might stock them with their contact information on the outside as a free service to their patients. These promotional health items are not exactly medicinal in their composition, but they do definitely prevent the spread of disease with proper use. They are different from some other promotions because promotional condoms are promoting a cause that is larger than any one organization. Even with no printing on the package they tell a story of a company or organization that is concerned with public health issues and the prevention of disease. But the packaging can disguise all this seriousness of intent and make them a lot of fun. Let's face it: safe sex does not have to feel like a lecture or a burden. Promotional condoms tie in to a theme that many people are already into anyway.

Great Free Trade Show Giveaways

Promotional condoms make great free trade show giveaways. Anyone can stock up on a big bowl of printed candies, but your booth will come out even sweeter if you promote romance and responsibility all at once with your free products for customers. These promotional items are advertising campaigns all by themselves; and when you add your message to the outside of condoms, your campaign really starts to grow. Let customers know that you care, that you're passionate about safe sex. These free condoms for trade shows, conventions, student orientations at college campuses, and elsewhere are very inexpensive on a per unit basis, so you can stock up and save. It's quite probable you'll be going through a lot of them once people find out what it is you're giving away.

Order for Bars or Campus

Condoms for promotional giveaways are popular at bars, nightclubs, and on campus at the local college. When you put your name on this sort of free product, you are sending a strong message of safety and personal responsibility. But that doesn't mean your message to go along with promotional condoms can't be fun at the same time. Just the presence of the promotion proves that your business or organization cares about safe sex. Let the promotional items speak for themselves in that regard. Use the packaging to market yourself or your cause, and users will get the message.

Market a free product that everyone wants to use, but not everyone is willing to go out and buy. Be the hit of your bar, nightclub, health clinic, or college campus awareness campaign. Promotional condoms are one of the biggest business promotions coming.

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