Promotional Compressed T Shirts

Promotional compressed t shirts are an excellent promotional apparel item with great marketing potential. They come in a wide variety of shapes so the only limit to what you can do with them is your imagination. Compressed t shirts are low cost promotional apparel items, so you can get a large order and still stay within your marketing budget. These gifts are fun, memorable and useful. Recipients will get a kick out of them when you hand them out, and wear them so your marketing message will last even longer.

Variety of Shapes and Designs

If you're sponsoring a golf tournament you can get golf themed compressed t shirts to include in participants' gift bags to give them something to remember you by. Socially conscious groups organizing awareness campaigns can order recycling symbol designs to spread the word about their campaign. School bus designs can work for academic fund raisers and other related endeavors. The different designs are all printed on insert cards, which are a part of the promotional message, but not the whole thing. Once the recipient opens the promotional shirts, your own message will be printed on the t shirts themselves.

Plan a design that combines a witty full color insert card for outside display with a printed message on the promotional compressed t shirts themselves. With this unique marketing idea, you actually get two chances to make an impression, so take the time to put together a package where the insert card somehow relates to the printing on the promotional compressed t shirts inside. It's like a gift that keeps on giving, and proves that good things do come in small packages.

Memorable Low Cost Marketing Apparel

Promotional compressed t shirts make for great low cost marketing apparel. In their packaging, they are like a business card or pamphlet but with much more eye appeal and reason for the recipient to show interest and pay attention. The compressed t shirts inside the wrapping become a sort of walking billboard. Do a good job with the design element, and you'll have a popular promotional item recipients will wear all the time, squeezing even more value out of your investment.

Promotional compressed t shirts are easy to store and easy to pass out. You can fit hundreds of them into your car and hand them out wherever you go. Give them out at the hole you sponsor at the local promotional golf outing fund raiser. Give them to fans at a sporting event. Compressed t shirts are easy to playfully toss to fans, adding to the enjoyment of both giving and receiving this fun promotional gift.

Make Your Message Last Longer

For a very low cost per unit, you can make your message last longer than a simple handbill or pamphlet ever could. Promotional compressed t shirts are neatly packaged and give you a nice professional looking item to hand out to recipients, and the full color insert provides an opportunity to drive home your marketing message. They are fun to open because once the seal is broken they decompress and stretch out to reveal the contents inside.

This is one of those marketing ideas that guarantees top placement into recipients' homes. Compressed t shirts with well designed printing invariably end up in the casual wardrobes of those who receive them, making your company logo or marketing slogan visible on a regular and long term basis. Take time to thoughtfully consider both the insert card and the printing on the promotional compressed t shirts themselves. Both when handed out can be valuable business promotion tools.

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