Promotional Compasses

Promotional compasses are a great gift idea to help you get your business promotions headed in the right direction. Choose from a wide variety of compasses from minis to flashlight combos to digital models. There is something for everyone and every budget in this category of promotional hardware products. Offer them as a free gift for customers. Hand them out in lieu of business cards upon meeting potential clients for the first time. Buy a bulk order of promotional compasses with your logo printed on them and give them out as a trade show giveaway. There are a multitude of different directions you can go with this gift idea, and many different applications you could think of for using them in your day to day business promotions.

Free Gifts for Customers

Promotional compasses of all different models make great freebies for customers. Give them to a client upon presenting them a receipt for your completed services. Share a promotional gift as well as a handshake and show them how much you appreciate their business. These gifts are small and relatively inexpensive, but very useful and fun to own. They are great for young people, too. Clients with children will enjoy teaching their kids what they are for and how to use these great logo compasses. And you get great in home product placement out of the deal, so it is money well spent. A happy customer is more likely to share your information with someone else, and with promotional compasses in their home, they have your contact info right on hand. They can point a friend or family member right to you.

An Alternative to Business Cards

Compasses with your company name printed upon them make a great alternative to business cards. They both transmit the same basic contact information, but promotional items like these have the obvious advantage of being useful (and fun!). Choose a mini compass pen or a stopwatch with built in compass. Go bold with a military model. These items make great gifts for campers, hunters, outdoors people of all kinds, and anyone with an interest in cool gadgets. Kids love them, and parents love seeing their kind interested in something besides an electronic toy.

Useful Trade Show Memorabilia

At trade shows, promotional compasses always get your business promotion efforts pointed in the right direction. They are an interesting and genuinely useful freebie, even in this age of GPS technology. More importantly, free compasses and other promotional gifts of this nature can help spark a conversation with potential customers. They can get you going on non business related matters. You can share a laugh or a funny story, and maybe make a connection. Promotional compasses are obviously non threatening, and many recipients really get a kick out of them because so many of us have not even seen one since we were kids. And that kind of nostalgia is surely a shared feeling we all have in common, something you can draw upon to introduce yourself as a person and not merely a corporate entity or someone interested in making money.

Compasses make great gifts for people of all ages and different situations. Reward the people in your company who always lead the way with a gift symbolic of their leadership. Thank customers who have stood by you and have helped your business to always move forward. Give a great promotional freebie for people who might not have ever owned one since their younger days. Appeal to people of all different ages with high quality low cost promotional compasses and point to another successful promotion.

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