Promotional Clock Awards

Promotional clock awards are a timeless and elegant business promotion option for rewarding excellence and celebrating success. Any business awards program should include gifts that are as useful as they are beautiful, and ideally they should also be personalized with your company name and logo. Promotional clock items are made of the best quality materials including fine crystal. Whether you are looking to reward top performing sales people, recognize employees who are hitting service milestones or retirement, or you just want to show appreciation for those who do more than punch in the time clock every day, promotional clock awards are a great choice.

Awards for Top Sales Performers

Promotional clock awards make great promotional gifts for top sales people or for anyone who meets or exceeds quotas for the year. Publicly rewarding and recognizing such sales leaders doesn't just offer them your thanks for all of their hard work. It also motivates others who might have fallen short of their goals to redouble their efforts and get back on the trail. Promotional efforts within a company are different than those designed for the public. Rather than selling a product, you are really selling a corporate culture or a way to look at how people do their jobs and think about the company they work for.

As a business owner, you have to sell your company to your people as well as to customers. In the end, your people are the ones who represent the public face of the company. Getting them motivated with gifts like promotional clock awards encourages friendly competition and everyone's best effort. It lets your people know you do notice the difference between the high achievers and those who just collect a paycheck every few weeks and do little in between.

Recognition for Career Milestones

In the same vein as performance based gifts, promotional clock awards can also be used to recognize those who have put years of their professional lives into helping to build your company. Clock awards are appropriate for retirement gifts to go along with other gifts you might consider. They are a visible reminder of time because of the obvious time based connection, and by nature they show that you recognize what a sacrifice is involved in working your life for someone else.

Promotional gifts like beveled crystal clocks are also great for milestones along the way. If you highly value loyalty and low dysfunctional turnover, make it known with milestone gifts at ten and twenty years and so on. Publicly recognize those who have stuck around through good times and bad, and let these promotional clock awards be a fitting symbol of the timelessness of the virtue of loyalty.

Show Appreciation for Outstanding Effort

Promotional programs showing appreciation for exceptional effort should start with public declarations of such appreciation. Clock awards are a great example of promotional items you could choose to symbolize your sentiments. A promotional clock is more than just something that tells the time. Whenever the recipient looks at it on her desk, she will be reminded just a little of the day she received it and the sentiments you shared on that day. These gifts are a lasting symbol of a momentary gesture. They can be a great tool toward building mutual good will in a meaningful way.

If you want your employees to really believe you when you say you value certain characteristics in your people, solidify that belief by giving awards and not just lip service to those who epitomize what you're looking for. Give a gift that transcends time with promotional clock awards.

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