Promotional Cigars, Matches, Lighters, and Accessories

Promotional cigars, matches, lighters, and accessories are a broad group of promotional products designed with the cigar smoker in mind. If you don't mind indulging with fine cigars in the corner office or out on the golf course every now and again, this promotion is for you. Choose from a great selection of top quality cigar accessories from matches and lighters to cutters and storage pouches. Whether you're an occasional smoker or a full fledged aficionado, you'll love the business promotion potential of these products. They are excellent for meetings at the club after work. They are perfectly suitable for informal gatherings out on the links. And of course, they make great gifts as well, for anyone on your list who appreciates a good cigar from time to time. Promote your business and give recipients great accessories for their hobby with promotional cigars, matches, lighters, and accessories.

Gifts Suitable for Any Occasion

Promotional cigars, matches, lighters, and accessories are promotional gifts suitable for any occasion. If you frequently meet with a business supplier or mentor out on the golf course and the two of you like to share a good smoke out on the range, a logo lighter or printed cutter is a perfect gift. You can say thank you while also marketing your company and giving your logo and name more visibility. Recipients who utilize these promotional items around others will inevitably share your marketing message; and your thank you gift will thank you back over time.

You can give promotional cigars, matches, lighters, and accessories as gifts to share at the club as well. Choose from quality cigars, printed matches, and other quality accessories. Add corporate flair without taking away from the stylishness of the gift. Turn your hobby into a part of your personal and corporate brand. Turn something enjoyable into a different kind of marketing opportunity with promotional cigars, matches, lighters, and accessories.

Occasional Smokers and Genuine Aficionados

Promotional cigars, matches, lighters, and accessories are fun gifts for both aficionados and occasional smokers. For example, they are excellent gifts to give to all of your groomsmen to celebrate your upcoming nuptials and to enjoy as a group prior to your bachelor outing. Picture sitting back with your friends smoking a few cigars, maybe sipping a brandy or some other beverage, and just reflecting on what's coming up in your life. Commemorative lighters, promotional matches and accessories make the night even more memorable, giving each guy something to take home with him. (Just make sure the fellow whose wife wouldn't approve doesn't end up with one.) Promotional matches commemorating a specific event are just as popular as those advertising a business. With cigars and lighters, sometimes it's business and sometimes it's all fun and games.

Light up the Competition

You can light up the competition with lighters printed with your logo. Choose from reusable lighters for extra class or disposable ones for economy. Promotional matches are a more traditional means of lighting cigars, the preferred method for purists. Show the ones you're trying to impress that you know the difference, that attention to detail is important to you. This will not be lost on those who are paying attention.

Choose from a wide range of cigar smoking accessories and come up with a unique and memorable business promotion. We have great gift items for every inclination and budget, so you'll find what you're looking for in this category. Conquer the competition and get ready to light up that victory cigar. Order promotional cigars, matches, lighters, and accessories and do it in style.

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