Promotional CD and Letter Openers

Promotional CD and letter openers are a unique group of items among promotional office products because of their distinctive look. Letter openers that look like a CD are sure to catch the attention of anyone you give them to. They are a great complement to marketing campaigns involving software or musical content, and they are great giveaways because they're small, inexpensive and handy to have around. Take a look at promotional CD and letter openers as you consider how to spend your business promotion budget.

Great Ideas for Direct Mailers

Promotional CD and letter openers are handy for businesses in a variety of different marketing contexts. One example many buyers may not think of when they look at CD and letter openers is items for direct mailing. When a business does direct mailers, the expectation is that some preset percentage of recipients will at some point respond and contact your company. If your mailers only contain a letter introducing your company, their one chance to be effective is they day they are received.

On the other hand, if you include items like promotional CD and letter openers in the mailers, you give recipients something useful that they are likely to hang on to. These items fit in a standard envelope so mailing them is a breeze. Promotional CD and letter openers add value to your mailers by presenting recipients with a gift just for going through the trouble of opening the envelope to see what's inside. With CD shaped contents like these, more people will open your mailer and more will eventually respond. You can build up your brand name through your promotional mailers and give customers something useful at the same time with promotional CD and letter openers.

Something Useful for Tradeshow Giveaways

CD and letter openers are also great for trade shows and other environments conducive to cheap giveaways. When a business selects the promotional items it will order to stock up on for these events, a few things should be kept in mind if the giveaway is going to be successful. First of all, think about the cost of the item. Many people coming to trade shows will not end up keeping most of the items they pick up at booths, so a lot of business promotion money literally ends up in the trash.

For this same reason, usefulness should be thought of right alongside of cost. These items provide recipients with a useful tool that they can utilize every day when they go through their mail. They are very small and compact, so they can fit into a drawer, a cabinet or a desk. They are functional while also being effective at advertising your business. Your name is prominently displayed, and any customer that uses their gift to open letters sees your name day after day, building your name recognition and branding.

Inexpensive and Handy Letter Openers

When you choose inexpensive promotional products to try to get your name out there and build up your business brand, the usefulness of the item is important. The item's look is also critical. It has to be something that doesn't look like anything the recipient already has, or it will not make an impact. CD and letter openers are both useful and distinctive. Finally, it has to be likely to have some staying power. Your promotional efforts will fail if it doesn't. Fortunately, promotional CD and letter openers are useful, eye catching items that are sure to be around in customers' homes long after you give them away. Place a bulk sized order today.

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