Promotional Carabiners

Promotional carabiners are a popular and functional alternative to ordinary keychains. People who have them love the fact that you can clip them onto a belt loop (or just about anything else) and hang them up so that you know exactly where they are. They are a promotional item well worth considering for large scale giveaways, organizational events and useful alternatives to business cards. Carabiners are more useful and more fun than keychains and many love them for their rugged durability as well as their cool looks. They are a welcome addition to your promotional campaign. Place a bulk order today and save big on this custom printed business promotional tool.

Fun and Functional Clothing Accessory

Carabiners are a functional clothing accessory people have fun playing with. Though they are not a toy per se, they are nonetheless very enter entertaining and can provide hours of distraction. They are perfect for office and work truck keys because they make them easier to hang up on wall hooks and in lockers. Sports teams and clubs can use them just as well as business groups and other organizations.

Promotional carabiners can carry the name of the business, a phone number or URL address to share with customers. They can tell people about your organization with a slogan or catch phrase that will be easier to remember with this physical reinforcement. They are lightweight and small enough to fit into your pocket, yet rugged enough to use to hang your keys on your belt loop.

Perfect for Large Scale Promotions

Promotional carabiners are perfect items to take with you to large scale business or organizational promotions. They make a great promotional giveaway because they are small enough to fit in a person's hand and be placed into their pocket, yet useful enough that there are sure to get prominent exposure and bring publicity and face time to your business. They help you to establish your brand name because they are likely to be used once they reach the hands of customers.

Kids and adults alike love carabiners. They're a great choice for large promotional giveaways because promotional carabiners are so versatile and functional, and yet fun at the same time. People who get this kind of promotional gift usually end up finding a good use for them so they have a great projected shelf life in the hands of customers and others who get their hands on them.

Useful Alternative to Business Cards

Promotional carabiners are a useful alternative to business cards. They can be presented in much the same manner, upon first meeting while speaking to a prospective customer or other contact. But carabiners are more likely to be kept around and their recipients more likely to hang on to them than business cards. Even if they do not immediately call your company, they will quite likely use these promotional carabiners to attach to their existing key ring and get some functional use out of them right off the bat. Then, then might access the contact information printed on the side at a later date. They give your business a longer window of opportunity to compel a customer to make a decision.

Carabiners are a fun and rugged item well worth adding as a tool to use in your existing business marketing efforts. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, so you can pick one out for your business that matches your personality and company character. These promotional items get a lot of bang for your buck. Order promotional carabiners today and grab a rugged alternative to business cards.

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