Promotional Car/Truck Shaped Items

Promotional car/truck shaped items are fun for all ages. If you own a business that relies on cars and trucks in a meaningful and publicly visible way, these car/truck shaped items are a great idea for brand building between your promotional giveaways and your fleet of vehicles. An HVAC company using work vans can choose logo van keychains that look just like the real thing. Use promotional car/truck shaped items to build brand recognition for both your logo and for your work fleet as well. Turn the cars and trucks that help you get the job done into a strong part of your marketing message.

Fleet Vehicles for Home Installers

Some companies do not realize how important their vehicles are to their overall business promotion efforts. Many of us take great care to put together great work uniforms for our people, only to neglect attention on the cars and trucks they drive to the job. But these vehicles are every bit as visible to the public as are the uniforms, if not more so. Capitalize on that fact with car/truck shaped items that refer back to your fleet. If you have white pickup trucks, get stress balls or promotional magnets shaped like white pickup trucks with your company logo on them. These promotional car/truck shaped items not only help build your brand by bearing your logo, but also help your real cars and trucks become part of the promotion. Consciously add shots of these vehicles in your other advertising efforts on TV or in the newspaper and let them become a strong part of your business brand.

Fun Items for Customers' Kids

Promotional car/truck shaped items can be a great giveaway for trade shows and for in home consultations because they are great fun for kids. Give a customer a truck stress ball or a cool soft key ring with your logo imprinted upon it, and they're likely to hand them over to the kids for play time. You might think this is a negative, since the parents are the ones who make purchase decisions. But any kind of prolonged brand visibility is a positive. What's more, by handing the kids something fun to play with, you're creating an opportunity to connect with potential customers on a more human level. You can show that you are interested in more than just making a sale. Your promotional car/truck shaped items will not sell a job on their own, but fun car/truck shaped items can open up conversations about your own children and help you bond with your customers in a more familiar way.

Get Your Promotional Efforts Moving

Get your business promotional efforts moving with great car/truck shaped items that are both fun and functional. You could choose a promotional calendar with a great shot of a classic car for each month of the year, or other car/truck shaped items like refrigerator magnets with mini calendars and business cards attached. Promotional car/truck shaped items appeal to the child in all of us.

Give customers something fun and non threatening that also refers back to your company in a creative way. Car and truck themed notepads become great for writing notes and grocery lists. Appointment calendars are a mainstay on kitchen counters. Get your business promotional efforts up and running with great promotional products themed to suggest a physical match with your own fleet and thus help to encourage an even greater and broader brand recognition. Place a bulk order for promotional car/truck shaped items from stress balls to magnets and create positive momentum in your ongoing business marketing campaign.

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