Promotional Car Air Fresheners

Promotional car air fresheners are a cheap and very useful promotional gift you can provide to customers to give you high visibility logo products to place in their vehicles. They are the type of product that everyone can use, but not many people think of buying on their own. When you present them to a customer or to someone you're meeting for the first time, it's likely that your air fresheners will make their way to that customer's car or truck the next time they drive.

These promotional car accessories are great high volume giveaways because they are small and you can fit a high number in a small storage area, and because they are so cheap that you can afford to buy bulk quantities and still stay within your marketing budget. They are great for presenting to customers along with a written estimate to do work for them or your bill for a job you've completed, and they work well at trade shows because people are very likely to use them immediately and thus build a strong positive impression of your company right off the bat.

Sweet Smelling Business Promotions

Promotional car air fresheners add an additional element beyond sight to your business promotions. They bring in the sense of smell to add more to your promotional efforts. Air fresheners are among the cheapest products you can buy, yet they are among the most useful. These are items many people only think of once you present them. Not everyone will go to the auto parts store to buy car air fresheners, but virtually all customers who receive promotional car air fresheners as a giveaway item will go ahead and get their use out of them. These are great promotional gift ideas to get some bang for your buck, particularly if you are working with a very limited budget. Many of these gifts are well under a dollar apiece, so you can order in bulk volumes even with a small budget.

Advertise in Your Customers' Cars

Many of our product lines are designed to be viewed either in customers' homes or on their person. Auto accessories are specifically made for road warriors who spend a lot of time in their cars. Since this describes many people across the country in many different industries, promotional car air fresheners are a promotional product idea that is likely to be well received and to get a lot of use. A car freshener is a great gift idea for your first contact with someone. Your investment in the product is very small, so there is no worry of sinking a lot of money into something that may or may not result in a sale later on down the line.

These promotional car air fresheners, like so many other promotional products in this price category, are better suited to simply help you establish a relationship with a new customer and help you to introduce your company to them. For a very small cost, your promotional air fresheners can get you a very usable freebie to share with them and give you an excuse to strike up an informal conversation and break the ice.

Trade Show and Convention Freebies

Promotional car air fresheners work great at trade shows. Most people are glad to receive freebies for their car. Car air fresheners are fun to customize, too. You can add a witty slogan to go along with your logo.

Take advantage of an opportunity to freshen up your business promotion campaign. Order a bulk supply of promotional car air fresheners and grab a cheap marketing giveaway solution.

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