Promotional Calendars and Books

Promotional calendars and books are one of many great options business people have in promotional products to buy as a marketing device to remind folks about their companies. Promotional calendars have the obvious advantage over many other products of being displayed on the wall all throughout the year. Once they are accepted and put to use they become ubiquitous in your clients' homes. Other books promoting your business promoting your company can be just as useful and just as visible, such as datebooks your clients may leave open on their counters, or refrigerator notebooks they use for scribbling shopping or weekend to do lists.

Down Home Staple Items

Either way you go, you have an excellent product line to use to get your name in their home, and more importantly, to get your contact information at arms' length. Many longtime customers of businesses look forward to getting their new calendars in the mail each year. Part of this is obviously because a free calendar beats one that you had to buy. But that's the whole idea behind promotional calendars and book, anyway: proving your customers with something of value to them free of charge, while providing your business with a unique and inexpensive method of marketing yourself to them and to anyone else who happens to see these promotional calendars and books while they are at your customers' homes.

One of the tricks of the trade as it pertains to the placement of products promoting your business is to provide customers with a useful and handy product they will actually use. Promotional date books that open up to both month at a glance and daily options are much more useful than tiny little books whose text can hardly even be read. If you are going to spend the money as a business trying to gain marketing placement in homes, at least go the extra mile and make sure the promotional calendars and books you provide are useful.

Make Your Promotional Items Indispensible

Make them indispensible and you've really got something: a ready connection to an ever widening customer base that places you right at their fingertips. Many companies can provide windows or siding or other home improvement products, for example, but if you're the one sitting on their kitchen counter when the itch to remodel and the tax refund check arrive at the same time, you've already got an in with an old customer to get back in and renew that business contact.

Take a look around at all the promotional calendars and books you could choose from. You might buy calendars with different photos of your office people or examples of work you've done each month. Or maybe you'll do books with quotes from people in your industry or scripture passages to inspire and motivate your customers. The only limit you have when it comes to these promotional calendars and books is your own imagination. And with advanced printing and shipping options, you could be looking at quick turnaround upon your order placement, meaning you can get these promotional calendars and books into your customers' hands sooner.

When you purchase calendars, books and other promotional products, you are tapping into an in home marketing method with vast potential. For just a small cost per unit, you can get your company into walls, counters or refrigerator doors of your past and present customers as well as those of suppliers and even employees. Set your company apart. Help it to stand out in a crowded field by providing your customers with promotional calendars and books with every estimate.

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