Promotional Bumper Stickers, Decals, and Magnets

Promotional bumper stickers, decals and magnets are some of the most well known and most affordable items you can buy to promote your business or cause. Promotional items people can stick to other things are great for them because bumper stickers are fun, decals are cool and promotional magnets are useful on kitchen refrigerators and such. It is funny how with just a little bit of creativity you can get your customers to advertise for you. A great marketing slogan combined with a sharp logo printed on high quality low cost promotional bumper stickers, decals, and magnets guarantees a long life for the items and high visibility for your business.

Get Customers to Promote You

Business promotion can mean many different things. To some, promotional marketing consists of a phone book ad and maybe a sign in your shop window. To others, it can include the uniforms you wear to work or the signs on your fleet of vehicles. But a huge latent access point for effective promotional marketing exists with your own customer base. Make them happy they chose you over the competition first and foremost. Then give them things like promotional bumper stickers, decals, and magnets, and they'll all of a sudden find themselves having way more frequent opportunities to share with others about your company.

Customers Love Cool Bumper Stickers

In a small town in the Midwestern part of the country, a tiny tattoo shop opens with an even smaller marketing budget. The owner only has enough money for rent and a small sign up front, with a little left over for promotional items. He chooses to pick up some bumper stickers and decals for his customers to thank them for their business. After a while business picks up and most of his new clients find out about his shop through word of mouth. Those bumper stickers and decals gave his customers a conversation piece to show off his handiwork to friends and acquaintances and to tell them about his shop. Promotional bumper stickers, decals, and magnets are great because everyone loves cool bumper stickers. If you plan them right, your decals will soon accomplish more for your company than the biggest billboard in town.

Magnets Better than Business Cards

Likewise, refrigerator magnets are far superior to other similarly sized items to give customers because while a business card will likely disappear within days, those magnets are heading right for their refrigerator where they'll hold up report cards and shopping lists for years to come. Calendar magnets are even better, because they serve a function all their own for an entire year, and you can refresh the supply when the calendar rolls over with a new magnet to jog customers' memories and renew your impression on their minds.

Decals no Substitute for Quality

Of course, no one would try to suggest that promotional bumper stickers, decals, and magnets can in any way compete with top quality work when it comes to the most important part of your promotional campaign. Any effort that depends on word of mouth for effectiveness requires a great product or service that people are excited about. Don't count on promotional bumper stickers, decals, and magnets to cover up inadequacies in your business model. Attend to those matters first and foremost. Then, once you have a business worth bragging about, pick up some of these inexpensive items and give them to your customers, and let them do the bragging for you.

Promotional bumper stickers, decals, and magnets can grow your sales and your business brand for a low cost.

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