Promotional Budget Pens

Promotional budget pens are one of the very staples of promotional marketing products. They are some of the cheapest and most immediately useful products you can possibly buy for corporate promotions. Promotional budget pens are ordered in bulk, so you don't even have to think twice about giving a handful of them to a customer as a way of saying thanks, or handing one out in lieu of a business card when you run into someone and the conversation turns to what you do for a living. Budget pens are maybe the one promotional item every company should have. They are functional and very inexpensive. They are useful to everyone. And they can contain important name and contact information for your business, making them a marketing item as well as a writing instrument.

Budget Pens are Promotional Staples

Pens are staples of business promotion, and have been for many years. In any one office or home, you can likely find some of these logoed promotional instruments. They are prized for their utility and often ordered for their low cost as much as for any other reason. If you give one away to a potential customer, you don't have to lose sleep at night wondering if they will call you or if your business promotion investment will be wasted. You can order a vast quantity of these items for the cost of a single month's billboard rental by the freeway exit.

Promotional budget pens are a great choice for anyone selling lower priced merchandise and services. You can still include something useful and practical for your customers to remember you by when you present that final bill even if your budget does not allow for more extravagant gift giving. The profit margins many of us are living on these days are so low that in many cases our promotional budgets have shrunk down to next to nothing. If this describes you and your business, give these budget pens a shot. Have something to hand to people other than a business card when you meet them. The nice thing about these promotional budget pens is that they contain the same important information as business cards, but are way more useful to recipients so they may be more likely to hang on to them.

Say Thanks or Introduce Yourself

Say thank you to a customer with high quality products they can use long after the job is done. Pick up an order of promotional budget pens and give yourself something you can use to say thanks, or to introduce yourself to new customers. Let them know what your business does, and give them your contact information in a non offensive or pushy way. They'll be much more likely to hang onto it than they would a mere business card. A pen is functional and useful. We can never have too many of these in our homes and cars as well as at the office.

Marketing Item and Writing Utensil

Promotional budget pens are part marketing products, part writing utensils. They are doubly useful, making them more valuable than their cheap price would suggest. Pens can fit into any promotional budget no matter how tight it may be. If you only order one business promotion item from us due to monetary constraints, this may be one of a handful worth considering.

Take your efforts at branding to the next level. Stock up on specialized merchandise to share with customers as another way of reaching them and getting your message across. Order promotional budget pens to thank old customers and meet new ones.

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