Promotional Bottle Openers

Promotional bottle openers are great promotional gifts because they are very inexpensive to purchase, easy to stock up on and very handy have around the house so customers love them. These great promotional items come in a range of designs for opening up bottles and cans as well as wine bottles. You can get ornate keychain designs with room for an etched corporate logo, or very simple ones with room for small lettering, either your company name or website URL. Bottle openers are extremely useful and most of them fit right onto the recipient's key ring so there is little chance of them being lost.

Open a Bottle and Celebrate

Promotional bottle openers are generally on the very low end for cost as far as promotional product pricing is concerned. Of course, you can spend a little more for a promotional multi purpose corkscrew model, but basic designs are very affordable. As with all of our products, prices get even better as the size of your order goes up. If you have a need for a great low cost product to help you share your marketing message with customers or to promote a cause you feel strongly about, look into promotional bottle openers as a cheap and yet very useful option well worth considering.

Open a bottle and celebrate. If you are planning a celebration event where a great toast will be a part of the evening's festivities, commemorative bottle openers may be a great gift to give to attendees. They can have a small token to remember the evening by and also something they can get some good use out of later. Some may even put them to use right at that celebration if your guests are really having some fun. Make it a point to include these promotional bottle openers in the plans for the evening. You could provide bottles at every table to open at the time of the toast. When every detail of a party's décor and gifts work together, it can really make an evening memorable.

Many Different Designs are Available

Many different bottle openers are available for you to choose from. You can pick simple keychain openers, or upgrade to carabiners with combination watch and opener. Pick from all of our great designs and choose the one that best reflects your company or the event for which you're buying the gifts. Promotional bottle openers always go over well because they are useful in multiple applications. Most double as can openers, and many have other uses as well. Great promotional gifts always have legitimate and helpful uses that many people can appreciate. The purpose is to get your products placed into homes and keep your corporate logo visible on a long term basis for great brand building.

Order Large Quantities and Save

The more bottle openers you order, the more money you can save. That's because we can save money on our costs in bulk orders and pass that savings on to you. If you need a great product to help out your promotional efforts, promotional bottle openers may be just the thing to pop the top off your campaign. Gift items like bottle openers are not intended to replace any other elements of your existing advertising or public marketing efforts. Use them to raise brand awareness, to provide a conversation starter that can get you off of the topic of business with customers, and to get a great branded product into their homes to remind them of your company. Promotional bottle openers are functional and inexpensive ways to supplement your promotion efforts.

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