Promotional Bookmarks, Booklights, and Magnifiers

Promotional bookmarks, booklights, and magnifiers come in different models, shapes, and sizes so you can choose one that fits the personality of your business or organization. Among promotional marketing materials there are very few sets of items with such an inherently positive subtext as the one offered by these custom reading accessories. Even before you've said a word by mouth or in print on these items, you've demonstrated on behalf of your company or business an interest in promoting reading and a greater concern for literacy in a social and professional context. Promotional bookmarks, booklights, and magnifiers make it easy to build a very positive themed campaign around because so many people would be receptive to them even if they bore no promotional printing at all. The items themselves encourage positive reception so great home placement is assured.

Business Promotion between the Lines

Great low cost items like bookmarks and booklights create their own kind of marketing message before you add a word of text or spoken dialogue. Promotional magnifiers add to the between the lines promotion. These items are wonderful gifts because they encourage another kind of gift, the gift of reading. Promotional bookmarks, booklights, and magnifiers are well received because they are functional and useful. Good bookmarks are hard to find and when you can locate one (especially a free one), you usually snap it up and hang on to it. Print great marketing copy on your bookmarks, and you have an opportunity for long term brand building or cause awareness.

Advertise and Encourage Good Habits

With excellent low priced promotional gift items like booklights and magnifiers, you can encourage a great habit in a new and special way. Many booklights actually attach to the top of a book, allowing the user to essentially read in the dark without disturbing anyone else. They are great for night reading or for adding extra clarity to pages for those of us who need good light to see the printed page. Similarly, magnifiers make reading less of a chore by opening up the text to the reader's eye and making it much easier to make out. A lighted magnifier simplifies the task even more. Promotional bookmarks, booklights, and magnifiers take much of the "task" out of reading so all that remains is the enjoyment factor. Your business or organization can encourage social and critical literacy by offering promotional bookmarks, booklights, and magnifiers as part of a larger literacy campaign or as a stand alone giveaway.

Build a Positive Promotional Campaign

You can build a strong and positive promotional campaign using bookmarks, magnifiers, and booklights to help you get your message across. Including free items like promotional bookmarks, booklights, and magnifiers make people more receptive to any intrinsic context you may want to add to the giveaway portion of your effort.

Bookmarks are an age old reading aid many people still love to use. Magnifiers and booklights have taken small technological advances and applied them to the hobby to make reading easier and more enjoyable. Whether you are trying to put together a marketing effort to explicitly encourage reading or you are just looking for items to encourage positive lifestyle choices while also promoting your company or organization, any of these great promotional items can help you get your campaign off the shelf and into people's hands.

The success of many business and organizational promotion campaigns using free giveaways hinges on the quality of the message and the usefulness of the items being shared. Promotional bookmarks, booklights, and magnifiers share a positive message while also being practical and useful.

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