Promotional Beach Balls

Promotional beach balls are a fun and entertaining business promotion giveaway that can put some sun and surf into your marketing efforts. If you're running a summer sale, or if you just want something fun in the sun to share with your customers, beach balls are a great choice. They are excellent items to choose if you want a low cost option that guarantees high product placement in customers' homes upon receipt. Anyone with children is going to keep them around as a promotional toy for the kids. They are safer than a lot of other toys, and fun for all ages to enjoy.

Hit of the Trade Show

If you have been an exhibitor at more than a few trade shows and business expos, you know all too well that many promotional product purchases for these events flop in spite of our best efforts at planning ahead. We think of ways to find product tie ins to our line of business. We try to be witty and buy products that sound like our company name. All of this effort sometimes gets washed down the tube because the guy in the booth next to us has fun giveaways that help break up the monotony of these events.

Well, this time, you be that guy. Make a bold statement with a promotional giveaway everyone will be talking about even after the show is over. Promotional beach balls are fun, they are cheap, and they are ridiculously easy to give away. The only hard part will be explaining those who arrive too late that you are all out and that they'll have to steal one of your promotional beach ball from someone else. Other exhibitors love them too, because they are often bored in the down time between customers. You can turn an indoor trade show into a beach ball party in no time. (Just be sure to run the idea by organizers beforehand.) With a nice order of promotional beach balls, your booth will be the hit of the trade show.

Free Fun with Every Estimate

For a new summer twist on an old idea, try giving away beach balls with every free estimate a customer solicits from your company. Advertise a perk like this as part of a larger summer themed promotion, and you may have to stock up on more beach balls than you had originally planned. Customers who have been meaning to call people in your line of work may bow to pressure from kids or husbands and schedule an appointment just for the promotional beach balls. These are probably the most innocent, non threatening giveaway idea among summer toys.

An Inexpensive Summer Promotion

Beach balls can warm up any summer promotional effort. Car dealers can order a shipment of promotional beach balls and turn their showroom into a beach. Include them in the décor you put together for a summer sale at your store and give yourself something to play with absently while chatting up customers surfside and getting them to buy your merchandise. Even sales tactics get softer when promotional beach balls are added into the mix.

Beach balls are fun for people of all ages. They can help you set the mood for a sale, entice customers to come to your booth, or generally come to the aid of themed promotional efforts. Place a large order if you get them because people will be showing up all over the place to claim one for themselves. Promotional beach balls are the ultimate symbol of fun in the sun, and will inject excitement everywhere they're introduced.

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