Promotional Beach Balls for Conventions

Beach balls make fun, colorful gifts that your current and future customers will remember long after the convention is over. Conventions can be productive, exciting events, but they can also be stressful. With so many people, so much commotion and so much tension in the air, beach balls offer a much-needed break. Once the crowd notices these vibrant promotional gifts, they'll remember your company as the group that brought a spark of fun to the event.

If you're looking for an affordable promotional product that draws widespread attention, beach balls are an exciting choice. When prospective clients see your name and logo imprinted on these toys, they'll associate your company with color and imagination. In today's business world, it's often the most colorful, creative companies that stand out from the rest. With promotional beach balls bouncing around the convention hall, your brand is bound to be noticed.

Handing Out Promotional Beach Balls

Business conventions are busy events, with professional meetings, interviews and presentations going on throughout the day. Handing out promotional beach balls provides the opportunity for participants to relax, smile, and engage in a few minutes of exercise. Sometimes the most productive, creative business partnerships are formed when everyone's guard is down and they're engaged in an enjoyable activity. You can purchase promotional beach balls in bulk before the event and have them ready to hand out at your presentation or demo.

During a break in the scheduled meetings, you can hand out promotional beach balls imprinted with your company's name and logo. Encourage participants to have fun with these memorable gifts by tossing them back and forth or arranging an impromptu game of volleyball. When the other attendees notice these bright toys flying through the air, they'll be drawn to your booth to grab a beach ball of their own and learn more about your company.

Eye-catching beach balls are available in a rainbow of colors and themes to reflect your company's products or services. You can choose beach balls imprinted with your company's colors, or a ball that resembles a basketball, volleyball or soccer ball. Translucent, multi-colored beach balls draw attention from the crowd at any event. After the convention is over, the attendees will take these beach balls home, where their families and friends will see your brand name and remember your service or product.

Colorful Convention Giveaways

You can give away promotional beach balls as part of a larger marketing package, or hand them out separately between events at the convention. Beach balls can be included in a gift bag along with a t-shirt, a visor, a brightly colored towel or another item of customized apparel that evokes a day at the beach. Throw in bottled water and packaged snacks to give your future customers energy as they walk around the convention hall.

The most memorable convention giveaways don't have to be costly. In your gift bag, you can include free goodies like bubble pens or customized stress balls that reflect the nature of your services. Fluted stadium cups or water bottles with your company's name and logo are functional and colorful, and convention participants will take them home to use them again and again.

When you're planning promotional giveaways at a convention, think of products that will distinguish your company from the other participants. Everyone remembers a group that brings a unique, entertaining gift. Promotional beach balls for conventions give everyone the opportunity to drop their professional demeanor, relax and enjoy a few moments of spontaneous fun. The new clients you meet at the convention will associate your organization with these pleasant moments for months to come.

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