Using Product Giveaways as a Means of Promotion

Product giveaways can be a memorable, affordable way to promote your company. When you distribute useful, free promotional items, your potential customers have a positive impression of your organization. With a product giveaway, your group creates a sense of good will while attracting future clients. By giving away a simple yet efficient product, like a pen or a mousepad imprinted with your company's name and logo, you can convey generosity to the public without spending a fortune on company award celebrations.

Choosing Products to Distribute

When it comes to selecting the right promotional products to distribute, you have a wealth of options to choose from. No matter what line of business you're in, you can find a product, device or fun memento that gets your message across in a unique, appealing way. Look for products that your customers are likely to keep for a long time, such as mugs, tote bags, insulated lunch bags or calendars. Your clients may end up using these items for months, and each time their friends or co-workers see your logo, you'll indirectly promote your company.

Shop for promotional products that your target group of customers are likely to associate with your business. For example, if you run a medical supply company or a fitness center, consider giving away sports bottles, miniature first-aid kits, pedometers or other health-related items. If you own a travel agency, think about ordering duffel bags or totes that your future customers can carry onto a plane. An accounting firm might benefit from giving away calculators or personal calendars.

The style of your products should reflect the tone you'd like to set when interacting with customers. More formal gifts, like pen and pencil sets or briefcases, might be given away by a financial firm or a law office. Funny, cute products that prompt a smile would be appropriate for a party supply store or an ice cream shop. Be creative when you're choosing products to give away; your customers may remember innovative gifts for years.

Organizing the Giveaway

Once you've chosen the right products to give away to your customers, work with your team to plan an effective way to distribute them. Some companies use a personal touch, sending representatives out into the field to hand out attractive promotional packages. Products can be arranged artfully in a gift basket and presented to your top clients, or to customers you hope to attract. When you're giving away products, personal contact with the public can go a long way towards reinforcing a good impression of your organization.

For a more widespread giveaway, think about organizing a public event to promote your small business, like a car wash, a picnic or a raffle. These events are easy to plan and promote using affordable means of advertising, like posters or flyers. At the event, you can give away car accessories, promotional cups or plates or lunch bags. For a raffle, consider one or more larger products to give away, like an attache case, a wall clock or an elegant pen set. Smaller products, like key chains or sticky notes imprinted with your logo, could be given away to all who enter.

When you're using product giveaways as a means of promotion, take the opportunity to meet as many new clients as possible and generate positive, warm feelings about your group. If the public associates your organization with a fun event and useful items, they are more likely to seek out your products or services in the future. In addition, the imprinted products that they use and carry with them will provide free publicity for your company.

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