Placing a Logo on a Notepad

Printing your logo on a notepad creates free publicity for your small business while giving your clients a functional product that they can use for months. Each time one of your customers writes down a phone number or address on the notepad, tears off the sheet and hands it to a friend, a potential client will be exposed to your brand. Whenever a client uses your promotional notepad to make a list or take notes at a meeting, he or she will see your logo and remember the products or services that your small business provides, just as they would think of your company while at the beach if you provided company logo beach balls at one of your past conventions.

Designing Promotional Notepads

When it comes to designing memorable notepads with your logo, you're not limited to plain white paper on a conventional adhesive pad. Colorful paper catches the eye and makes your logo stand out. While it's easier to take notes and make lists on ruled paper, unlined paper encourages creative doodling and sketching. You can choose a traditional, affordable adhesive notepad, a spiral pad or even a state of the art pivot pad when you're creating your promotional product.

Unique pocket notepads can be paired with a colorful pen that's also imprinted with your logo. When your customers carry these notepads around town, they'll leave memos with your logo on them wherever they go. If the pen drifts away from the notebook, it's likely to be picked up by someone who could become your client in the future. When you design the notepad, make sure your logo and company name are displayed prominently in a contrasting color, so current and future customers are sure to take notice.

Rainbow notepads are filled with paper in a variety of colors. If your customers are a younger crowd, they'll love the eye-catching variety of these unique writing accessories. A memo or list written on colored paper is always more likely to get noticed than white or yellow paper. Your more conservative clients are likely to appreciate ruled paper in standard colors, while ecologically conscious customers will love recycled paper. Promotional notepads are available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes to accommodate any client base.

Handing Out Notepads

Conventions, trade shows, conferences and seminars present the perfect occasion to hand out notepads imprinted with your company logo. At a seminar hosted by your small business, your attendees can take notes on paper imprinted with your logo. Give your guests one or more notepads in a welcome basket, combined with customized pens, pencils and notebook calendars. At trade shows or conventions, hand out notepads at your booth to everyone who stops by.

Handing out a useful gift like notepads with your logo shows your customers that you're concerned about their practical needs. Everyone can make use of a notepad, whether you're exchanging phone numbers at a conference or jotting down measurements at a job site. Even in our electronic age, we all use paper to record spontaneous ideas or important information. Notepads with lanyards can be carried with your customers at all times, so they'll have access to paper whenever they need to write down a URL or a street address.

Placing a logo on a notepad guarantees that your company's name will be spread around the community. For small businesses, affordable yet useable giveaways are essential promotional tools. Handing out free notepads to clients, friends and other members of the public will get the word out about your products or services. Spend some time selecting a design that reflects the nature of your small business, so that everyone who uses your notepads will associate these fun yet practical supplies with your organization.

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