Handing Out Company Pens to Clients

Promotional pens are affordable, useful gifts that will trigger thoughts of your business whenever your clients use these tools. Trends in promotional products come and go, but pens remain one of the most practical, widely used gifts you can present to your customers. Company pens serve as a gesture of appreciation while providing free publicity for your small business.

Small businesses have to strategize their promotions carefully. Although you probably don't have a big marketing budget, a creative promotional campaign is essential if you want to compete with larger companies. When you're brainstorming with your colleagues about promotional gifts and company highest earner awards, consider company pens as an inexpensive yet thoughtful and functional marketing tool.

Designing Promotional Pens

When you're designing a promotional pen for your small business, look for a writing tool that reflects the mission of your company and the product or service you provide. Consider how many pens you plan to distribute and whether you want to hand them out to all of your clients or only to a few select customers. For a larger distribution of pens, consider an inexpensive ballpoint pen imprinted with your company's name, your logo and a catchy slogan that will remain in the user's mind.

The pens you hand out to clients will make their way to your clients' homes and offices, where they'll be used by family members, friends and co-workers. When you're designing pens, keep in mind that these tools will eventually circulate through the community. A memorable message imprinted on your pens could bring you more business than you anticipated.

An eye-catching color lets your pen stands out from all the other writing implements that your clients keep on their desks or in their homes or cars. Bright red, blue and yellow are bold primary colors that draw attention immediately, but the color you choose should also reflect the nature of your business. While red might be suitable for a construction company, a pizza parlor or an auto repair shop, pink or lavender might be more appropriate for a bridal boutique or a chic spa. Bubble pens serve as fun gifts to promote a kids' clothing shop or a trendy salon.

Engraved designer pens can make striking gifts for your special clients. A fine capped or click pen with your company's logo and a special message from your team will stand out in your client's memory as a unique and thoughtful gifts. Almost everyone appreciates an elegant, stylish pen that writes smoothly. Your valued clients will remember this token of your appreciation for months to come. Engrave the pen with a note of thanks or a humorous slogan to add an unforgettable, personal touch.

Occasions for Handing out Pens

There's rarely an inappropriate time to hand out company pens. These promotional products can be given to clients or potential customers discreetly at any occasion. Conferences, client visits, training sessions, trade shows or casual meetings are all perfect occasions for giving out company pens. You can include pens in a gift basket or tote bag full of office supplies, snacks and other goodies to present to your clients at conventions. You'll never seem forward or overbearing when you hand out these useful but unassuming gifts.

Holidays, company anniversaries, client birthdays and other special occasions are the ideal time to for handing out company pens to clients. A fine, engraved pen makes a memorable present for any of the customers you value most. Include a gift certificate for one of your company's products or a dinner at a special restaurant to express your thanks for your client's business.

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