Giving Awards for Outstanding Volunteerism

There are lots of ways to make your company more well known in the community, such as networking with local small businesses as well as start giving awards for outstanding volunteerism? How does this work? This gives your employees the motivation they need to start looking for opportunities where they can help others. It may not be for the award specifically, but it does plant the seed that they can do more than just work, eat and sleep. Sometimes, people just need a little push in the right direction and they will start to take on tasks that can significantly benefit others.

By encouraging this behavior, your company name will start to be attached to these efforts, even if it's indirectly. Talk to your staff about these chances and make suggestions that would easily fit into their current work schedules. If you are showing them ways to fit it into their day and giving them a reason to do so, the chances are much higher that they will actually participate.

Variety of Award Choices

The awards that can be given are as numerous as the customers you deal with. It may be such a thing where they can choose their own prize, according to whatever is most important to that particular person. There would be a range of choices and they could choose between two to four of them depending on what volunteer work they did. Not only is this motivating, but they also feel like they have more control over what they're working towards. It's easier to work with your company award budget when you approach it from this point of view. Of course, this may not work for everyone because you have such an eclectic group of employees. In these situations, there are other offers that can be made. Be creative and think out of the box and then you'll surprise your team members.

Cash is Always a Benefit

These other offers may look like cash prizes given to the employees after they have put in a certain amount of time. Money is always helpful and you don't have to see how much they would like. Instead, it could be something that works on a graduated scale and they could keep track of how many volunteer hours they have put in. As this data is tracked, it might even create a competitive arena where each employee would try to win in these time periods. Even though the awards are not the focus of this kind of planning, it does mean that the beneficiaries of the volunteer acts will receive even more. Clearly, this is going to be profitable for everyone involved, and it gets your company name out there in a positive way.

When you know how giving awards for outstanding volunteerism is going to help everyone involved and give them a fresh point of view, then it will become something of a priority for your establishment. It makes everyone feel better about themselves, and usually the people who give of themselves end up benefiting the most. By creating an atmosphere focused on giving to others, you'll find that your company team works better together and are more likely to watch for opportunities to help each other. In turn, this increases productivity and increases the likelihood that you'll have what your customers are looking for. Who wouldn't want to participate in this kind of behavior when it's so easy to implement and encourage? The awards don't have to be expensive and yet they will still get your point across to your team.

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