Finding Unique Promotional Products

Finding unique promotional products can mean the difference between a potential customer remembering your company or small business website,  or forgetting about them with everything else they may have received as a freebie. The key to making this kind of investment count is to give them something that will actually be useful. There are plenty of common choices such as magnet and calendars that are useful, but these are also well-known and practically expected. If you choose one of these items, you're not really going to stand out from the crowd. However, if you take some free data from the web in terms of promotional products that people appreciate the most, you can use this information to your benefit.

Choosing Portable Promotional Items

Anything that is portable is also going to get your name out to other clients who may not have seen it otherwise. Consider giving your valued clients an Ipod case or another item that they can carry with them and use on a regular basis. If you give someone a keychain, make sure it's also a flashlight or has a small tool kit inside it. These are unique things that you don't see every day and that people would carry with them for emergencies. Now, compare that to a magnet or a calendar that never leaves one room or space and you are least tripling your advertising efforts with just one gift.

Another thing you can do is include a discount for a future purchase with your company. When they have this freebie, it will remind them they need a particular item and that they can get it for a lower price with you. If they already have a favorable impression of your establishment, they will be more likely to follow up with their next order. Be sure to follow up with them in case they have questions regarding whatever item that may be. This is the key to future orders and purchases because they can see that you really are trying to help them. If they feel like you're paying attention, they will be more likely to give you helpful feedback when you ask for it. Otherwise, they will ignore it as typical spammer email from a company who doesn't really pay attention.

Expanding Use of Promotional Products

Most of the time, people think of promotional products as just a way to get their name in front of several people, but if you use that opportunity wisely, you'll be able to recover the entire amount you spent on them in the first place. Know your clients and make note of what they typically purchase and ask about. Then, you can tailor these gifts around interests they share and make sure you are meeting their demands even if they don't spend any money with you. This kind of advice might sound contradictory for companies who want to make money, but it's going to guarantee you a loyal following and make sure you expand your customer base as much as possible.

Talk to your clients and see what they would prefer. If you can send out a mass email with an incentive to complete a survey, then technology can gather these responses for you. This will give you immediate and direct response from those customers who care enough to help you get the right data together. This kind of feedback is worth paying for because it can help you focus on the right investments and items that are necessary for growth. Planning ahead for finding unique promotional products is a great way to use those budgeted business dollars for this particular category.

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