Handing Out Company Welcome Baskets

Handing out company welcome baskets makes new employees and guests feel at home. Although this fun gesture can be very affordable, this gift can go a long way towards creating a positive impression of your company. In addition to recognizing new employees, welcome baskets can be handed out at on-site conferences or other events where new company partners, contractors or visitors are in attendance.

In today's electronic world, where emails and text messages are among the most popular means of communication, conveying your sentiments in a more tangible way sets your company apart from the competition. A welcome basket can promote small business while expressing your company's appreciation through edible items, mementos, useful gifts or promotional clothing. Compare quotes on pre-designed baskets, or design your own welcome baskets using an assortment of company memorabilia, snacks and supplies.

Welcoming New Team Members

Joining a new company can be an intimidating experience. Your first day on the job, you may face a long orientation with other new staff members. On the other hand, you may show up at work and hit the ground running. Whether you receive a formal welcome from your boss and other staff, or you simply sit down at your new desk and dive into your work, a welcome basket is a bright spot in what may be an overwhelming day.

Handing out company welcome baskets makes new team members feel more comfortable and at ease. It's not always easy to make friends at a new workplace, especially if you're replacing an employee who was well liked and appreciated. The gesture of a welcome basket can make a big difference in how smoothly your first day goes.

From a company's standpoint, welcome baskets can serve as a warm introduction to your new employee. The more effort you make to give your staff a sense of security when they come on board, the more likely they are to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Welcome baskets encourage your new staff to feel at home and promote a more unified workplace.

Designing Useful and Unique Gifts

Creating company welcome baskets gives you the opportunity to be creative. Think of a variety of useful and unique items that could be presented in a basket. A coffee mug imprinted with your logo, a tin of gourmet cookies, a set of pens or pencils that carry the company name, a pocket calendar can be included in your gift. Shop online for promotional products that convey your company's message while promoting a sense of appreciation.

The gifts you include in a welcome basket can be functional, attractive and memorable. These items may also reflect your company's purpose and mission. A health care organization might give its new employees a pedometer, a water bottle or a T-shirt with the company's logo. An auto body shop might present employees with car accessories or a travel coffee mug. Think of ideas for gifts that encourage your new employees to identify with their new employer. Duffel bags, desk clocks and stress balls are among the many items you can offer.

You don't need to spend a fortune to create a unique, practical company welcome basket. Edible items like sports bars, bottled water, fruit, mints or candy make tasty snacks during a conference or on the first day of work. Note pads, corporate pens, desktop calendars or calculators come in handy at training sessions or long meetings. As you plan your welcome baskets, think of items that your guests and employees will need during the day. Baskets filled with thoughtful gifts can go a long way towards making your new team members and visitors feel comfortable.

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