Wearing Company Tshirts at a Philanthropic Project

Wearing company Tshirts at a charity sports tournament, an outdoor auction, a fundraising barbecue or another philanthropic project demonstrates your company's support for the community while promoting awareness of your products and services. When you and your staff show up to assist with the project wearing your company Tshirts, you'll show the rest of the participants that your business is dedicated to helping a worthy cause. This show of support creates a positive impression of your company while publicizing your logo, as can using company logo magnets.

In our competitive economic climate, small businesses have to be especially creative in their promotional campaigns. However, it's not always necessary to take a cut-throat approach to publicizing your company's services. When you help out with a philanthropic project, you and your team can enjoy the satisfaction that comes from playing a positive role in the community. Company Tshirts are a visible demonstration of your commitment to improving the welfare of others in your city.

Designing Company Tshirts

Company Tshirts can be colorful and splashy or subtle and understated, depending on the nature of your small business and the impression you want to create. If you own a graphic design firm or a chic clothing store, your Tshirts may be casual yet stylish. If you run a pizza parlor or an auto detailing shop, a fun, colorful Tshirt may reflect your business's personality. A simple Tshirt in a subtle color may be more suitable for an accounting firm or law office, although you can always break stereotypes when you're promoting your services.

Company Tshirts should be attractive enough to catch attention and generate interest in your small business. You can even take a box of extra shirts to a philanthropic project and hand them out to your customers or to potential clients. The more members of the community wear your company's Tshirts, the more positive publicity you'll gather. When customers who attended the charity event wear your company's Tshirt, they'll have warm memories of your team and its contributions.

When you're designing a Tshirt to promote your small business, make the design memorable enough to remain in your customers' thoughts. A distinctive logo design in colors that contrast with the Tshirt always draws the eye. When you're wearing shirts at a philanthropic project, the message expressed on your company Tshirts should be tasteful enough to blend with the theme of the charitable event.

Arranging a Philanthropic Project

Informal philanthropic projects are the perfect place to wear comfortable company Tshirts. In addition to helping out at charity events staged by community organizations, your company can arrange its own philanthropic projects. You can hold a car wash to benefit a local animal shelter, arrange a weekend softball tournament to raise money for cancer research or hold a silent auction to sell hand-made crafts to benefit homeless families in your community. Long after the event is over, people who attended will remember your contribution.

At charity picnics, bowling tournaments or fundraising walks, you can hand out company Tshirts as part of a gift basket. Fill a tote bag with promotional items, like Tshirts, pens, bumper stickers or stress balls imprinted with your company logo. At outdoor events, include a bottle of water and a snack bar or a piece of fruit.

As you and your staff members are wearing your company Tshirts, you can hand out useful gifts that participants will continue to enjoy after the event is over. Wearing company Tshirts at a philanthropic project is a statement of good will as well as a marketing technique. You can benefit your community while promoting your business when you wear memorable promotional Tshirts.

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