Asking Customers to Write Reviews

Asking customers to write reviews is one of the best things you can do to improve business. This is because these personal testimonials are more influential than other forms of advertising. As you send out surveys for different things, a great to motivate them to respond is to offer discounts on future purchases. Then, when they take a few minutes to respond, they will essentially be putting some dollars back in their own pocket on a purchase they were already going to make. It's also a good thing to do this after a purchase so they can let you know how they felt about everything that transpired. This lets them know you care as an entrepreneur and really want to make everything better from the customer's point of view.

Using Customer's Point of View

When companies send out survey requests to you, remember what you like to see. If there are things you appreciate about participating in a survey, then your clients probably will also. By using techniques like this, you'll have a unique perspective from both sides of the fence. If you set up your own surveys using websites for entrepreneurs specifically, then you can put in your own questions in ways that actually matter to the type of transactions you work with. This is the best way to gather data that will actually make a difference in how you proceed on future transactions, both online and offline. Keep in mind this is also one of the cheapest ways to get answers because you don't have to hire an outside firm or other monitoring agency.

If you send out thank you gifts to your clients, then consider inserting a small survey into what they think of those gifts. This will give you some direction in terms of future gifts and whether or not they really motivate consumers to make future purchases. If they don't work and customers don't see the value in them, then you need to change tactics and put something in there that will be appreciated. Find something related to what they actually purchased and then it will feel like they're getting double their money's worth.

By using procedures like this, you'll find that you'll get more referrals and become more experienced in consumer value and its relation to your promotional budget overall. This kind of information is usually paid for but you'll have learned how to gather your own intelligence on these matters instead. In fact, you may end up sharing your how-to information with other entrepreneurs in the area that you befriend. When the community businesses thrive, everyone benefits because of increased sales overall.

Keep Surveys Short and Sweet

Finally, when you're asking customers to write reviews, keep them short. Instead of having ten different questions, narrow it down to the two or three most important ones. If you need help to do this, then talk to an advertising professional. The shorter the survey, the more likely your customers are to participate in it--no matter what discount level is attached. However, if you don't listen to this kind of advice, you'll find that your surveys aren't nearly as effective and you don't get the feedback you're looking for. You might even read through some entrepreneurial advice and articles online that are geared toward this subject. This will help you understand the latest techniques that apply to all kinds of markets. It will also help you tailor your approach so you're not using outdated methods but rather show yourself as a more modern company.

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